ARTICLE: Why The Paedophile Politicians & Royal Family Want To Silence The Alternative Media

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Whilst Friday the 21st of December 2012 may not have seen the end of the world, it is fair to say that the date came as a disaster for an awful lot of paedophiles. This disaster came about after I received an Email which contained a link to a child porn website.

The author of the Email – who out of fear of reprisals wishes to remain anonymous – was sickened, not only by the fact that the vile site existed; but also by the fact that it was easily accessible via Twitter – A sentiment that I was in total agreement with.

According to my source, he found it necessary to Email me only after first contacting the Daily Mirror Newspaper about the sicko website. During the course of reading the Email, I learned that this Child porn website has a foothold in the UK, USA, Brazil, and Germany.

However, the fact that my Source first chose to contact the Daily Mirror, turns out to be quite fucking ironic as you shall see, if you take the time to finish reading this report. So, just for the record, the following is a cut and paste of what my Source told me about that contact with the newspaper:

I contacted the mirror to see if they were interested in busting a paedo net, they were then said i should contact the old bill, im not keen on that as from what i see they all swim in the same sludge. Anyway the (sic) took my phone number have a chat with lawyers (sic) and get back to me. Im not holding my breath.

Funnily enough – That is to say it would be if it wasn’t so fucking serious – I am also in contact with someone who is due to give a statement to detectives… Don’t fucking start again. I take your point but that is still their job description… from Operation Pallial, the police investigation into the historic child abuse that took place in children’s homes such as the Bryn Estyn. Here is what he told me in one of his communications:

I am about to make a statement to Operation Pallial, they have cancelled twice so who knows eh? Obviously I will not be giving the Police the full story as they are as crooked as the rest, especially the lot here in North Wales eh?

Notice the similarities between the two messages? Course, the fact that these two sources of information have no faith in the Old Bill comes as no surprise to me what so ever. The Police top brass are just as involved in this cess pit of paedophilia as the Government and Royal family are. However, I digress.

The website in question, had a layout similar to that of the social network website, Tumblr and appeared to consist of photos showing naked girls whom I would estimate as being between the ages of 11 – 15. Even more disturbing, was the fact that approximately half the photos I saw were of a professional standard and taken in studio like settings. From that website, I was then able to access links to other paedophile sites.

One of these websites had abhorrent, professionally taken photos of young girls and boys whom I would estimate as being between the age of 5-7. All the children appeared to be in various states of undress and all were photographed in provocative poses (legs splayed etc).

Unsure of where best to report these websites, I passed the information onto Chris Wittwer whose website specialises in exposing paedophiles. Chris in turn reported the sites to the Police Paedophile Unit and the Internet Watch Foundation –

However, when both failed to respond – the police obviously being far to busy investigating a jape that led to a suicide as well as whitewashing Operation Yewtree – Chris engaged the services of a group of ‘Hackers’, who were able to gain access into the sites data and users personal information. That info was then passed on to the police.

Here is what Chris Wittwer said about the Hackers on his Facebook page:

Well done to the lads who hacked and destroyed hundreds of child abuse websites & twitter accounts this weekend. It was a education watching you all locking in and destroying them !!! Lots of intelligence gained and arrests to follow soon.

All in all then, a good weekends work. Makes you wonder why the Cunt Cameron wants to silence us here in the AM, doesn’t it? Never the less, the closing down of these horrific websites has been reported by one newspaper in the MSM. And that newspaper was… The fucking Daily Mirror. You really couldn’t make this shit up, don’t cha know.

I would like to think that the above good news goes some way to reassuring all those who send me information, that I do take everything that I am sent seriously and act on it accordingly. However, I do have to check that the information you send me is accurate – which obviously takes time. This has resulted in some senders believing that I am not interested in using their information. I can assure those who do think that to be the case, that nothing could be further from the truth. Keep the information coming, no matter how trivial you think it may be.

I would also like you all to be aware that over the festive period, this website will be moving from the domain to its own – I am told that this necessary transferring of domains may lead to some minor disruption, and as such I apologise in advance if anyone has trouble accessing the site. Fortunately the transfer should take no more than a day or two.

However, by liking my FB page, which you can do via the ‘home page’ on this site, and/or following me on Twitter @chrisspivey3, you will still be able to get all the latest news.

Finally, before you read the afore mentioned article from the Daily Mirror, I will just take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let 2013 be the year that we put the Great back in Britain. Lets go to fuckin’ war.

Much love,


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VIDEO: UK Government Complicit in Massive Paedophile Cover-Up 2012

Hard-hitting and distressing news from the front line. If you vote for the Lib-Lab-Con-men then you inadvertently vote for this outrage.

State Seeks to Kidnap UNBORN Child from Mother Whose Views it Disagrees With

Could this be the reason why the State is so keen on stealing people’s children?

SOCIAL workers want to seize a baby as soon as it is born because they are concerned about the mother’s violent links to the English Defence League.

Durham County Council has told Toni McLeod she would pose a “risk of ­significant harm” to the baby. Social workers fear the child would become radicalised with EDL views and want it put up for adoption immediately.

Mrs McLeod, who is 35 weeks pregnant, is a former leading member of the EDL, in which she was notorious as “English Angel”. The 25-year-old has a string of convictions for violence, including butting and biting a police officer after an EDL march in 2010 and she has been banned from owning dogs after setting a pit bull on a former partner.

However, her cause has been taken up by Lib Dem MP John Hemming who, despite his loathing for the EDL, raised it in the Commons. He contrasts her treatment with that of the extremist Islamic cleric Abu Qatada, who was allowed to remain with his ­children when he was briefly remanded on bail earlier this year as the Government tries to deport him.

He said: “It raises a curious question as to why Abu Qatada is allowed to radicalise his children but the state won’t take the chance of allowing Toni McLeod to look after her baby in case she says something social workers won’t like.

“I am very strongly opposed to the EDL, which I believe to be a racist organisation, but I do not think we should remove all of the children of the people who go on their demonstrations, however misguided they may be.”

Mrs McLeod has posted racist abuse on social networking sites but denies being racist. She claims she is no longer active with the EDL and has never been charged with violence against children.

Social workers have told her husband Martyn he would be unable to care for his child because he is a full-time soldier just back from Afghanistan.

The “British” Government’s War on the British Army: Former Soldier Stabbed in the Back by Government

How much longer is the British Army going to tolerate this?
  • Father of two spent six months battling to get drug Avastin
  • Postcode lottery meant he could not get medicine that was available to patients living just a few miles away
  • Eventually lied about address to get treatment – but it was too late

A former soldier who bravely took on penny-pinching NHS bosses in his fight to get a drug that could save his life has died of terminal cancer aged 37.

Mark Bannister, from Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, spent six months of his precious time trying to obtain the drug Avastin – but by the time he got it, it was too late.

Wife Karen, 33, revealed how her husband was forced to lie to doctors to get hold of the life-prolonging treatment that had been denied to him because of a cruel postcode lottery.

The father of two succumbed to the brain tumour he had been battling for nine years at around 6am on Monday morning, with his wife at his side.

Grieving Mrs Bannister paid tribute to her husband, who served in Northern Ireland and Bosnia during nine years in the army, saying: ‘The Avastin didn’t have any effect but we had to fight for six months in order to get it.


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The “Government”‘s War on the British Army: the “British” State Forces War Hero to Live in Tent because He’s Not British Enough

Again, we must ask: how much longer is the British Army going to put up with this direct attack on it and its personnel by those with an ulterior motive who are so happy to send other people’s children [the British Army] to die for their political adventures but will not send their own?

We sane, objective, and sensible people must ask ourselves, and also the British Army, “when is duty and loyalty to the country” also “misguided paid mercenary work for an ‘elite’ who play them like pawns in the game of geo-politics and self-aggrandisement”?

It is clear that the British Army’s loyalty is not to the the criminal, corrupt, degenerate, warmongering ‘government’ -rather it is to the British nation who are –as evidenced by the charities they have set up on behalf of the British Army– the real friends and supporters of the British Army and who have consistently rejected the political adventures in Afghanistan and the to-date 409 British lives needless wasted for no gain whatsoever.

Any right-minded person would curse the Lib-Lab-Conmen and withhold their vote. 

A FORMER soldier is living in a tent in a friend’s garden — after being told he is not entitled to benefits.

John Heaps, 50, served in the Falklands, the first Gulf War, and Northern Ireland during his 16 years in the Army.

But when he returned to the UK in February after spending two years cycling around the world, he was told he had failed the Department for Work and Pensions’ Habitual Residence Test.

And without help, he has been forced to sleep in a friend’s garden in Leeds, West Yorks.

Divorced dad-of-two John said: “I have always been of the opinion that everybody is supposed to be treated as an individual but they do not listen to each individual story.

“I think it stinks, it’s beggars belief. I have travelled the world but this is my place of birth and my home.

“Essentially all that’s happened is I’ve been on holiday.

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STATE CRIME: Brits to pay $3 Billion to be Spied Upon On Web, Emails, Texts

UK taxpayers will have to pay billions of dollars to have their web surfing, email exchange, text messaging, and even Skype calls, monitored. In addition to the hefty price-tag, innocent Brits risk being misidentified as terrorists.

The shocking data comes ahead of the plan announcement in the Queen’s speech, which is scheduled for May. Meanwhile, the Home Office, Britain’s interior ministry, said ministers were preparing to legislate “as soon as parliamentary time allows”.

More than $3 billion over the first decade alone is the extraordinary sum the British taxpayer will have to pay to be legally spied upon, reports the Daily Mail. In addition, annual running costs of roughly $320 million – $610 a minute – to store the data gathered from private communication.

Moreover, the above figures are based on 2009 estimates, which means the actual price, if it were estimated now, would be higher still.

British security agencies are pushing for a law, which would allow police to gain access to who you call, what sites you surf and how you play video games.

The government wants details about text messages, phone calls, email, visited websites, Facebook and Twitter exchanges and even online game chats.

The bill is aimed at finding potential terrorists and criminals in the name of protecting British citizens. However, Brits themselves might need protection from the side-effects caused by the new policy. According to the Information Commissioner’s Office – an independent watchdog upholding information rights in the public interest – once implemented, the bill may lead to innocents being wrongly identified as criminals. Or worse still – terrorists.

According to ICO internal documents uncovered by Tory MP Dominic Raab, this misidentification may lead to regular people being barred from flying along with terrorist suspects and criminals alike.

“Individuals may be wrongly identified, subject to identity fraud or there may just be a mistake. How do they put this right? Intelligence can be used to put people on no-fly lists, limit incomes or asset grabs by government agencies,”the documents read.

Rights activists fear potential abuse of the surveillance, as well as hacker threats to the database storing the personal details collected. It will be a responsibility of providers to store the data for two years. ICO documents cover this sensitive subject too, warning of the potential for abuse by service providers.

These revelations have caused an upheaval among British politicians, with both Tories and Liberal Democrats standing their ground as opponents of the policy, which was first suggested by the Labour government back in 2006. Six years on, MPs are raising their brows at the estimated cost of the project, in the wake of financial hardships that push UK government to make cuts elsewhere.

The plan is said to have been prepared by the Home Office in collaboration with home security service MI5, the foreign intelligence service MI6 and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), the body responsible for signals intelligence and information assurance for UK’s government and armed forces.

The plan is expected to be announced in May in the Queen’s Speech. It is a rewrite of a similar plan, which was developed by the Labour Party, but had been shelved in November 2009 due to lack of public support. Then in opposition the Conservatives criticized Labour’s “reckless” record on privacy.

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State Crime: 6 British Army Soldiers Killed in Bomb Blast as Death Toll Rises to 404

How much longer can/will our glorious, brave and well-respected (especially by the British people) continue to be manipulated and slain for the purpose of “liberal” “democratic” imperialism which has, as its  end goal, the securitisation of pipelines, opium production and geo-political Western influence (all done under the guise of fighting “terrorism” and instilling “democracy”) in an area which does not concern us and where we should not be? The alarming paradox is that the slavish-to-U.S.-and-Israel warmongering politicians –so eager to send other people’s children to die for their political adventures– nevertheless do not send their own children and family. The British Army, in light of these realities, is duty-bound (to the British people who do not want this “war”) and honour-bound (to the Higher Truth of Justice) to defy this alien government and return its men to guard Britannia and her people. The real war is here in Britain and the real terrorists are in SW1.
Read on: The “Government”‘s War against the British Army:
  • Group had only started their tour a week earlier and were on a mounted patrol in the Helmand Province when Warrior armoured vehicle was struck
  • Five soldiers from 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment and one from 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment were killed
  • It was either hit by an improvised explosive device or possibly an anti-tank mine left by Russian soldiers decades ago
  • Army’s fleet of Warriors was due for a £1 billion upgrade following safety concerns but it had not yet taken place
  • Flowers pile up outside their barracks at Warminster, Wiltshire

A simple posy clasped in his powerful hands, one soldier sums up a nation’s grief.

The burly squaddie fought back tears as he delivered his tribute to six comrades blown up by a Taliban bomb.

It is less than a month since members of the 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment left for Afghanistan.

Yesterday the flowers were piling up outside their barracks at Warminster, Wiltshire, after one of the deadliest incidents in a decade of conflict.

It brought the British death toll in Afghanistan to 404.

With UK troops due to withdraw in 2014, the country remains a lawless shambles run by a corrupt regime, and its future looks bleak.

Many families are asking if it will be worth the sacrifice of their loved ones’ lives.

The six latest victims were killed in a catastrophic double blast when the huge bomb triggered a second explosion of ammunition inside their Warrior armoured vehicle.

This reduced the 40-ton Warrior to a ‘riddled shell’, meaning it was impossible for any of its occupants to survive.

It was the worst single episode for UK troops in Afghanistan since a Nimrod crash killed 14 in 2006, and the biggest-ever loss to insurgent action.

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Secret deals still being offered to MPs

Secret deals are still being offered to MPs who admit abusing their taxpayer-funded allowances – nine months after the House of Commons promised to name and shame all those who broke the rules.

As many as 30 MPs may have been offered “rectification”, guaranteeing them immunity from formal misconduct inquiries if they repay the money, since the public was promised a new era of transparency and an end to the behind-closed-doors handling of expenses breaches.

As a result of the deals, at least eight MPs who clandestinely admitted breaking rules were able to fight the general election without voters being made aware that they had abused their expenses.

Government spends £17,500 on wine

More than £17,500 has been spent topping up the government wine cellar since the election, it has emerged.

It brings the total value of fine wine stored for VIP functions to £864,000, a Commons answer by Foreign Office minister Henry Bellingham revealed.

Labour’s Tom Watson said the Tory-Lib Dem coalition should sell the wine to boost the public finances, quoting Tory slogan “we’re all in this together”.

The government says it buys wine young to ensure the best value for taxpayers.

Last year, Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster accused the then Labour government of “living way beyond their means” after ministers revealed 39,500 bottles of wine, spirits and liqueurs worth around £792,000 were in storage.

Conservative MP Mr Bellingham’s written answer revealed that Government Hospitality (GH), the branch of the Foreign Office which manages the cellar, had spent £17,698 on new stock since 6 May.

The British “Democratic” System: Does this damage the Morale of British Troops, General?

Failing to vote in the general election would damage the morale of British troops, according to the former head of the Army.

General Sir Richard Dannatt has spoken of his concern that the abuse of MPs expenses will lead to voter apathy and warned that this is not what men and women “risking life and limb in the national interest” in Afghanistan would want.

He said it was important that every member of the electorate should cast a vote and show that the sacrifices made in Afghanistan are supported by everyone at home.

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Perhaps general Dannat would care to look at the system he so whimsically champions?

Are you and the British Army glad to be defending this grotesque monstrosity that masquerades as “democracy”?

“We are awaiting comprehensive figures from the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), who are collating figures on a rolling basis from the force SPOC officers across the UK of all police investigations currently being carried out relating to cases of electoral malpractice”

“most shambolic, incompetent and fraudulent elections Britain has ever witnessed.”

“How £100k ‘Modern Militant’ presided over voting shambles”

(2010) MPs and Peer to Stand Trial as would the Common Man

Three former Labour MPs and a Conservative peer are to face criminal trials for alleged expenses fraud after a judge threw out their attempts to claim parliamentary privilege.

Elliot Morley, David Chaytor, Jim Devine and Lord Hanningfield had argued that they could not be tried in court because of a 300-year-old law exempting MPs and Lords from prosecution over proceedings in parliament.

But Mr Justice Saunders rejected their application, saying there was “no logical, practical, moral or legal justification” for expenses claims being covered by privilege.

However, the four men have announced they will appeal against the decision, meaning the taxpayer will face a bill running into six figures for another hearing.

The judge granted permission for the men to take their case to the Court of Appeal for a hearing which is likely to take place later in the summer.

If their appeal is unsuccessful they will face juries at Southwark Crown Court in south London on charges of false accounting in separate trials which could begin before the end of this year.

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Please Join this Group to Stop State Paedophilia

We won’t allow the state to coverup the Hollie Greig paedophile scandal

See here for details of this issue:

(2010) New Labour Vote Rigging Again? Time to call in the British Army to Referee?

Vote rigging, electoral fraud, gerrymandering… call it what you will. Its perverse crime is the same what ever its moniker. It is a direct attack not only on the People but on everything we hold dear. It is a complete betrayal of trust and a devious, callous act that equates to tyranny. Welcome to fascist Britain, People.

This not an isolated incident. See here for much more evidence.

It has now come the time to ask: are we playing a game where the opposition is cheating? Evidently, and frighteningly so, the proof suggests we are. What now, then? Do we stop playing the game called “democracy” and let the opposition not only win but also rub our noses in their victory? Do we continue playing, foolishly expecting the opposition to suddenly be fair and play by the rules?

This is a tough decision because this game called “democracy” is not simply a game to pass the time: this game is a game of life –OUR LIFE.

With that in mind we the People need to call upon a referee. We need a body to oversee elections and ensure the rules are adhered to and fair play is thus maintained. We the People need the British Army to monitor elections. Please vote on this proposition and pass it all to all your contacts:

In light of the weighty evidence confirming vote-rigging by the old-gang parties, should the British Army be called upon to monitor elections?

Commission says unusually high number of last minute postal vote applications were made during byelection last year.

The Labour party has been warned by the Electoral Commission over its handling of postal vote applications after it investigated alleged irregularities in last year’s Glasgow North East byelection.

The commission said an unusually high number of last minute postal vote applications were made in Glasgow North East, with 1,800 forms submitted less than three days before the registration deadline – more than a quarter of the total number received.

A spot check of 300 of those forms by the returning officer’s staff found that in at least 100 cases these applications had been dated more than a week and in some cases over a month earlier.

Nearly half of the last-minute registrations came from Labour supporters, sparking allegations from the Scottish National party – first reported by The Guardian – that Labour had been deliberately hoarding postal votes to help its campaign.

In the event, Labour won by a landslide 8,111 votes, securing a 60% share of the vote and demolishing SNP hopes of a second victory in Labour’s Glasgow heartland.

The commission said Labour “did not comply” with a code of conduct that requires political parties to hand in every postal vote application within two days of receiving them, and had been asked to honour those rules in future.

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At a Glance: A Snippet of the Many Paedophiles and Perverts in Power

Please note, this list is not extensive. For a full account of the many paedophiles in power, please visit:

. Tory Party General election candidate, Michael Powell – Convicted and jailed for 3 years for downloading hardcore child porn.

. Tory Party Councillor (Wickbar/Bristol) Roger Talboys – Convicted and jailed for 6 years for multiple sex attacks on childre

. Tory Party MP (Billericay) Harvey Proctor – Stood trial for sex offences of a sado-masochistic nature against teenage boys, and was forced to resign.

. Tory Party Councillor ( Stratford-upon-Avon ) Christopher Pilkington – Convicted of downloading hardcore child porn on his PC. Placed on sex offenders register and forced to resign.

. Tory Party councillor ( Coventry ), Peter Stidworthy – Charged with indecent assault of a 15-year old boy.

. Tory Party Mayor ( North Tyneside ), Chris Morgan – Forced to resign after being arrested twice in 2 weeks, for indecent assault on a 15-year old girl, and for suspicion of downloading child porn.

. Tory Party Liaison Manager on the London Assembly, Douglas Campbell, who’s job includes running the Tory GLA website – Arrested for allegedly downloading child porn. He is currently suspended while the Police investigation continues.

. Tory Party Councillor (Folkestone – in Leader, Michael Howard’s constituency), Robert Richdale – 41 year history of crime, involving 30 convictions and 5 prison sentences. Richdales enormous criminal record, which covers 10 pages of A4 paper, includes convictions for assault, theft, causing death by dangerous driving, forgery, drugs offences, possession of an offensive weapon, and sex attacks against underage schoolgirls. The Tory Party election campaign literature described Richdale as “a family man” who had a “compassionate personality”

. Labour Councillor (Newton Aycliffe) Martin Locklyn – Convicted and jailed for 15 years for sexually abusing 3 14-year-old boys.

. Labour Councillor (North Lincolnshire) David Spooner – Convicted and jailed for 1 year for masturbating in front of 2 young boys.

. Labour Mayor (Westhoughton/Lancashire) Nicholas Green – Convicted and jailed for 10 years for 3 rapes and 13 counts of indecent assault against little girls between the age of 6 and 10. He raped one woman on her wedding day.

. Prominent Labour Party activist Mark Tann (who has met Tony & Cherie at Party functions) recently got a 15-year sentence for raping a 4-year old girl on 2 separate occasions.

. Entire Labour Party conspired to conceal the activities of Labour Party activist and serial child-molester Mark Trotter, who died from AIDS before he could be convicted.

. Labour Councillor (Manchester), George Harding – Charged with indecent assault on a girl of 12.

. According to media reports, the names of 2 former Labour Cabinet Ministers said to be `Household names` appear on the `Operation Ore ` list of subscribers to hard-core child pornography. The same FBI investigation, which led to the arrest of rock star Pete Townshend. So who are they Mr Blair?

. William Straw – Son of Labour Foreign Secretary, and former Home Secretary – Jack Straw, was cautioned by Police for drug dealing, amid a frantic Government attempt to cover up the matter and gag the media as to his identity. Jack Straw also has a brother who was convicted of a sex attack on a schoolgirl. Lovely family!

. Homosexual mass murderer; Dennis Nielsen, who strangled and dismembered 16 young men in the 1980`s, was also a highly active member of Labour fringe groups such as the Anti-Nazi League, and the SWP. That’s when he wasn’t busy boiling peoples heads in a pot, or masturbating over the corpses of his victims.

. Lib-Dem Council candidate (Tower Hamlets), Justin Sillman – Convicted and jailed for 2 years for sexual abuse of young boys.

. Lib-Dem Councillor and Mayoral Candidate ( Sheffield ), Francis Butler- Prosecuted for indecent assault of a young boy.

. Lib-Dem Councillor ( Stockport ) Neil Derbyshire – Sexually assaulted a 16-year old boy in a public toilet. He was caught with a plastic bag containing lubricant, plastic surgical gloves, a condom, and underpants.

. Lib-Dem Councillor ( Preston ), Bill Chadwick – Charged with: Making an indecent photograph of a child, Incitement to rape, Incitement to murder, Incitement to kidnap, and Incitement to torture. Chadwick’s gay lover – Alan Valentine, is also a Lib-Dem councillor.

(video) The British State is Covering up Paedophilia

Robert Green represents the mother of Hollie Greig, a 30-year-old woman with Down’s Syndrome who has had her efforts to inform the public of her decade of sexual abuse by a Scottish sheriff, police officers and social workers thwarted by those in positions of power.

Robert had gone to Aberdeen to campaign for ‘Justice For Hollie’ and to announce his intention to stand for election there as an MP on the single issue of Hollie’s case. Somehow, Grampian Police traced Robert to his B&B, and on Friday February 12th am arrested him on his way to hand out flyers, for ‘Breach Of The Peace’ and handed his key back to the proprietor – clearly indicating they intended to keep him for some time.

It’s firmly believed that Green was granted bail on Tuesday the 16th of February but it is suspected that a gag order has been placed on his communications with media in an effort to prevent the case continuing to gather momentum. We strongly hope, that you don’t allow that to happen.

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MPs Get £7,000 Postage per Year — But Our Soldiers’ Postage is to be Taken Away

The decision to slash British military mail services in Europe and America has been slammed as “venal” and “vile”.

To save money, subsidised postage is being withdrawn from service personnel and families based from Naples to Brussels.

It also means their relatives in the UK will have to pay the full rate to send parcels and letters overseas.

The cutback has left one MEP furious that Westminster apparently keeps a first-class service for itself, while expecting those in uniform to pay more to keep in touch with loved ones at home.

Godfrey Bloom, UKIP member for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, has lambasted the slashing of British Forces’ Post Offices (BFPO).

“When the servicemen and women of our country are fighting and dying for this government’s dubious honour, it treats them with the contempt it has shown across the board,” he said.

“The BFPO has for decades provided a lifeline that is utterly vital in maintaining moral and now they want to cut it.

“MPs have granted themselves £7,000 a year postage – but they seem to be happy to put extra costs on service families. How typical, how venal, how vile.”

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The Truth is Out: British Army Being Used as Capitalists’ Mercenaries to Secure Profit

About 25 countries have promised to send more troops to Afghanistan in response to President Obama’s call for extra support from Nato members. But France and Germany, the two European powers who could make a real difference, remain as hesitant as ever.

French and German leaders now face a painful choice. Should they finally embrace Nato’s efforts in Afghanistan more wholeheartedly – which would mean accepting significantly more human and material sacrifices? Or should they or conclude that the war has already been lost, or that “success” does not merit the cost, and abandon the mission altogether?

For their own good, they should choose the first option. They should remember that unlike the war in Iraq, which they strongly opposed from the outset, all Nato member states, including themselves, unanimously and unambiguously sanctioned the war effort in Afghanistan in 2001. But aside from the need to fulfil their alliance duties – and in fact even more important – they have clear national interests at stake in this strategically located central Asian state.

This is not about just about pre-empting future terrorist attacks on European capitals by stopping the Taliban from retaking the country. At stake in Afghanistan is the survival of the transatlantic alliance, Europe’s energy security and independence, and whether the deepening ties between Europe – especially Germany – and Russia, will eventually lead to the western integration of Russia, or instead, to it gaining a stranglehold over European energy security. In Afghanistan all three issues are interlinked. This fact remains largely ignored.

Read on subject to takedown notice -COMMON PURPOSE LINKS WITH PAEDOPHILIA

[The following is taken from ]

“Please spread the word as fast as possible: has been taken down by the web hosting company, Hostgator, as the result of a complaint by Common Purpose alleging copyright infringement.

The notice from Common Purpose can be downloaded from here:

We are puzzled since all the documentation is in the public domain, and has been for some considerable time.

Maybe this has happened because we recently posted information from Common Purpose’s own website showing the links between the Scottish paedophile James Rennie and the Common Purpose organisation. Are we getting too close to the truth? How many other paedophiles are protected by Common Purpose networks and their secretive Chatham House confidentiality rules?

Spread the word. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.”

The State’s War Against the People: the Cost of locking up foreign prisoners hits £292m

That is the cost of holding the 7,500 immigrants from 160 different nations who arrive in this country and then go on to commit crimes.

New figures released by the Ministry of Justice show that foreigners make up almost one in ten of all prisoners held in the jails of England and Wales.

Their combined total would almost completely fill Belmarsh, Brixton, Dartmoor, Manchester, Pentonville, Wormwood Scrubs, Whitemoor, Risley and Liverpool jails.

The foreign prisoners have been jailed for almost 900 sex offences, more than 2,000 drugs crimes, 1,500 violent attacks including murders and more than 900 cases of fraud or forgery.

Officials, who say a prison place costs the taxpayer around £39,000 per year, also gave details of the country of origin of the convicts.

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PIG “Baroness” Scotland ‘never considered resigning over illegally employed housekeeper’

Baroness Scotland never considered resigning as Attorney General amid the row over her illegally employed Tongan housekeeper, she disclosed during an appearance on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

Lady Scotland was fined £5,000 for failing to keep photocopies of documents she claims she was shown by Loloahi Tapui, who was charged with fraud and immigration offences.

In her first major broadcast interview since the affair came to light, Lady Scotland told interviewer Kirsty Young she was “very, very sorry” for the distress she caused to her family and accepted she had breached the rules.

But asked if she ever thought about “jacking it in” as political opponents called for her resignation, she responded simply: “No.”

Lady Scotland said: “It was a very difficult time and I clearly accepted that I should have taken a photocopy of the passport. I didn’t.

“That was wrong. I was fined. I accepted it. The thing I was really worried about was the impact it had on my family.

“My family have been amazing and I am very grateful to them and I am very, very sorry that an oversight on my part, a genuine mistake, has caused them a great deal of distress.

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This parasite, this criminal, need not have contemplated resignation. Evidence shows that those within governance in this country are above the law. They have different rules to those forced upon the People. She was fined £5,000 for employing an illegal immigrant -while any member of the public can expect a £10,000 fine. One rule for one, another rule for the others.

The British Army would be well within its right to seize the power of these criminals -just as it is fighting against “terrorists” in the Middle East. It seems the REAL terrorists are in Britain, terrorising the People.

Why I believe Blair should stand trial – and even face charges for war crimes, by General Sir Michael Rose

The inquiry into the Iraq War is not a court and no one is on trial. So said Sir John Chilcot, chairman of the inquiry, in his opening statement. He added that he was not there to determine the guilt or innocence of those responsible for the invasion of Iraq.

The object of the inquiry is simply to identify the lessons that should be learned from Iraq in order to help future UK governments who may face similar situations.

No doubt, Sir John’s inquiry will be both frank and impartial. No doubt, where appropriate, some criticism will be made of politicians and officials alike.

But although these are worthy objectives, they fall scandalously short of the crucial issue which millions of people in this country – myself included – believe this inquiry should be about.

With respect to Sir John, there is really no point in holding a further inquiry unless it does apportion blame, unless it does hold to account those who led us into this unnecessary, unwinnable and costly war in Iraq.

The inquiry should be the first step in a judicial process that brings those responsible for the disasters of the Iraq war before the courts – and could, as I shall explain, ultimately result in Tony Blair being indicted for war crimes.

Already, the inquiry has provided us with devastating details of events in the run-up to Iraq.

Sir William Ehrman, former Director of Defence and Intelligence at the Foreign Office, told it this week that British spies reported ten days before the invasion that Iraq had ‘disassembled’ what chemical weapons it had. Yet Tony Blair nevertheless pressed ahead with the war.

Then came former Washington ambassador Sir Christopher Meyer’s claim that Tony Blair and George W. Bush had signed a secret deal ‘in blood’ to topple Saddam Hussein almost a year before Iraq was invaded, and that officials found themselves scrabbling to find ‘a smoking gun’ to justify going to war.

But, despite these compelling accounts of what happened, the truth is that we already know the main lessons of Iraq: Britain was taken unprepared into war on false grounds, and the inevitable result was the destruction of Iraq, enormous loss of life and continuing political turmoil in the Middle East. Worse, the war has radicalised Muslim opinion against the West throughout the world, even spawning terrorism on the streets of London.


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Fraud charges in MPs’ expenses row move step closer as police send four files to prosecutors

Up to four MPs and peers are to face fraud charges over the expenses scandal by early in the New Year, it emerged today.

In a move which shook through the political establishment, detectives have referred case files on four parliamentarians to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Police believe there is sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges in each of the cases, sources said.


The Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, is expected to rubber stamp charges against the politicians by February.

Such a development would result in the highly embarrassing spectacle of MPs and peers appearing in court before next May’s expected General Election.

The politicians could face charges of fraud or false accounting, with maximum penalties of ten or seven years. There was no official word today on which cases had been sent to the CPS.

However it is known that police believe there is strong evidence against Labour MPs Elliot Morley and David Chaytor, and Labour peer Baroness Uddin, and that such cases were likely to be in the first batch of files to be considered by prosecution lawyers.

Other politicians believed to be under police investigation include Labour MP Jim Devine, Lord Hanningfield and Lord Clarke of Hampstead.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘The Metropolitan Police Service has today delivered four main files of evidence relating to parliamentary expenses to the Crown Prosecution Service.

‘The files relate to four people, from both the House of Lords and the House of Commons, and will now be subject to CPS consideration on whether there should be any charges.

‘A small number of cases remain under investigation.’

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Misandrous Harriet Harman: Kelly expenses report may be watered down

harriet-harperson pigs[1]

“It’s Myrah Hindley undercover, your very own sweet anti-mother.”

Proposed reforms to MPs’ system of expenses will probably be watered down before they are implemented, Harriet Harman has reassured MPs.

Sir Christopher Kelly’s report, which is expected to recommend draconian curbs on allowances and a ban on employing relatives, will be one submission of several to the new independent parliamentary standards watchdog.

Asked whether the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) could reject Sir Christopher’s proposals, Ms Harman, the Leader of the Commons, said: “It is entirely a matter for them, but they will, I’m sure, want to draw on his important work. It is a matter for them to decide, not for Sir Christopher Kelly.”

Ms Harman also put pressure on Ipsa not to force MPs to sack their husbands or wives, another recommendation widely expected to form part of the report. Ms Harman said that if the new independent expenses watchdog adopted the recommendation it would not be fair for anyone to be dismissed.

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Government not Fit for Purpose: 40,000 rejected migrants ‘missing’


Ministers have lost track of around 40,000 migrants with no right to be in Britain, it has been revealed.

The Home Office admitted the illegal immigrants should have left the country more than six years ago but could still be here.

Officials have launched a trawl of the cases to try and find them and remove them from the country.

Every file will be checked against police and terror lists to see if they present a risk to the public.

The deeply embarrassing revelations are the latest scandal to hit Britain’s immigration system in recent years.

Officials are still working through the cases of foreign prisoners who were not sent home after finishing their sentences, and the backlog of asylum claims. They admitted they had stopped actively looking for 85 former inmates who could not be found after a three-year search. These files will now be transferred to a “controlled archive”.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch UK said: “Yet another skeleton in the Home Office cupboard. Tens of thousands of case files lying around and the true situation covered up for years on end. This is symptomatic of the utter chaos in the asylum and immigration system during the past ten years. Nobody in the private sector would get away with such a performance.”

(Our Short Analysis) John Bercow Leads the Troughers of the Future in Adulation of Corruption

The Speaker is traditionally expected to remain impartial while chairing sittings of the House and he acknowledged this in his impromptu comments.

But he insisted: “I’m under absolutely no obligation whatsoever to be impartial as between the forces of democracy on the one hand and the forces of evil on the other.”

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Mr. Bercow refers to “democracy”. Let’s take a look at the “democracy”, the Westminster “democracy”, to which he is surely referring:

War Crimes in Iraq Headed by Blair and Supported by the Old-gang Establishment


Corruption of British Politics

Wide-spread vote rigging in “democratic” Britain

Councillors guilty of postal votes fraud that would ‘shame a banana republic’

MPs’ Expenses Scandal 2009

New Labour’s Gerrymandering

Very “democratic”, wouldn’t you say?

Could the “forces of evil” he speaks of be a party and ideology he, and other pigs in the trough, find threatening to their position? After all, do criminals not move to attack those who threaten to encroach on their ‘manor’ and jeopardise their criminal activity?

In the years 2007-8, 2006-7, 2004-5 and 2002-3 he held joint first position in a league table of highest-claiming members of the House of Commons, while in 2003-4 he was the joint third. He also changed the designation of his second home on more than one occasion – meaning that he avoided paying capital gains tax on the sale of two properties.

No wonder Mr. Bercow and all the others in porcine Westminster speak out against those who threaten the corrupt status quo. Mr. Bercow is just one of many pigs at the trough who is trying to cover his back and guard his spoils. His opinion on the “forces of evil” is therefore questionable at best and irrelevant at worse.

Be they Socialists, Nationalists, independents, or the Monster Raving Loony Party –all would come in for attack by the corrupt and decadent in power should the threat these parties bring become a significant representation of the innocent, hard-working, and tax-paying electorate who rightly want an end to Westminster corruption.

With that in mind, the System regards it best to get in early at the young politically-minded (those of whom are not really affected by the expenses scandal of 2009 and the political corruption in general) to mold them and perpetuate the decadent status quo, to a reinforce the reproduction of the System.

Take a look at John Bercow

Schools report 40,000 cases of racism a year


More than 250,000 alleged racist incidents have been reported in schools as staff are forced to investigate every single playground spat, it has been claimed.

Primary school pupils and toddlers in nurseries are being punished for making racist insults, according to a report, even if they don’t understand the terms they use.

Teachers are being treated like counter staff in police stations as they have to fill in forms detailing name-calling and jokes.

Meanwhile diversity “missionaries” are said to be increasing the divide between white and black children by forcing them to see everything through the prism of race.

Adrian Hart, the author of the report published by the Manifesto Club, a civil liberties group, said: “The obligation on schools to report these incidents wastes teachers’ time, interferes in children’s space in the playground, and undermines teachers’ ability to deal with problems in their classrooms.

“Worse, such anti-racist policies can create divisions where none had existed, by turning everyday playground spats into ‘race issues’.

“There are a small number of cases of sustained targeted bullying, and schools certainly need to deal with those. But most of these ‘racist incidents’ are just kids falling out. They don’t need re-educating out of their prejudice – they and their teachers need to be left alone.”

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Jack Straw quietly revives secret inquest plan months after idea was ditched following row

Jack Straw was under fire last night after quietly reviving plans to hold secret investigations into controversial deaths.

The Justice Secretary abandoned proposals to hold inquests in private earlier this year in the face of overwhelming opposition.

But clauses buried in the Coroners and Justice Bill still allow for an inquest to be suspended and a ‘secret inquiry’ held in its place.

Campaigners fear the rules could apply to cover up embarrassing military ‘friendly-fire deaths’ or police shootings of innocent victims such as Jean Charles de Menezes, who was killed in 2005 after being wrongly identified as a terrorist.

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Town hall pensions costing council taxpayers £300 each a year


Town hall pensions are costing council taxpayers £300 each a year, as costs almost double in the last four years, it was suggested yesterday.

The sharp increase in pension payouts to bin men, social workers and town planners was condemned by politicians who said taxpayers should not be forced to pick up the bill amid the recession.

Caroline Spelman, shadow secretary of state for Communities and Local Government, said: “Town hall pensions are now costing every taxpaying household almost £300 a year – equivalent to a quarter of everyone’s council tax bill going on pension costs, rather than emptying bins or cleaning streets.

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Thousands of asylum seekers allowed to stay to clear backlog

Tens of thousands of asylum seekers are to be allowed to stay in Britain after the Government changed immigration rules to clear a backlog, a secret memo reveals.

Up to 40,000 people, who would have faced removal, will now stay after officials concluded it is too hard to send them home because they come from countries with poor human rights records such as China and Zimbabwe.

Instead ministers secretly gave the go ahead for immigration officials to alter the guidelines so they could be granted indefinite leave to remain.

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Chaos over statistics means another delay

A “total shambles” over official figures means the Government cannot say how many offenders are escaping with soft penalties and cautions.

Two of the most important sets of criminal statistics have had to be postponed to next year because of “data quality” issues in processing them.

The annual sentencing figures and criminal justice statistics, both due out next month, had to be pulled because of computer problems surrounding summary offences, those dealt with in magistrate courts.

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Officials face problems over safe returns

The Home Office has relaxed the rules on granting leave to remain so it can clear some 40,000 asylum cases from the backlog, which officials say they are not going to be able to remove.

Such cases are known within the immigration service as “hard cases” because despite there being grounds to remove an individual it is unlikely to happen, certainly in the immediate future, due to external factors.

Predominantly this is because of difficulties in returning failed asylum seekers to their home of origin, mainly because of concerns over conditions there or the actions of the countries.

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Big Brother culture attacked by country’s top barrister

CCTV=State Control

The ‘Big Brother’ culture is on the march across Britain, allowing the state to snoop on phone calls, emails and even walking the dog, the country’s top barrister, Desmond Browne QC, has warned.

All of these day-to-to-day activities were “at the mercy… of the gradual construction by successive UK governments of one of the most extensive and technologically advanced surveillance systems in the world”.

In a powerful attack on the “surveillance society”, Mr Browne, the chairman of the Bar Council, also questioned the effectiveness of CCTV cameras in tackling anti-social behaviour.

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Home Office lost track of tens of thousands of migrants who should have left

Tens of thousands of migrants who should have left the UK as long as a decade ago could still be here because the Home Office has no idea where they are, a leaked memo has disclosed.

Immigration staff are frantically working through more than 40,000 historic files of migrants and visitors who were told before 2003 that they no longer had a right to stay in the country.

Some go as far back as the mid-1990s and means, if their circumstances have not changed, they are now illegal immigrants if still here.

They are made up of individuals who were here on work permits, temporary leave to remain, student visas and visitor visas who were all turned down for extensions to their stay.

But no record has been made as to whether they ever left the country and could all still be here.

It echoes the fiasco of the asylum “legacy” backlog involving up to 450,000 files, some dating back more than a decade and a half, that had not been concluded.

The same casework team tasked with clearing the asylum backlog is now having to work through the additional 40,000 non-asylum cases as well.

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Tony Blair police protection team ‘costs £2 million and dwarfs Gordon Brown’s’


Tony Blair has a bigger police protection team than his predecessor Gordon Brown at a cost of £2 million each year, it has been reported.

The former prime minister is seen as a high security risk because of his decisions to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his continuing work as a Middle East envoy.

He has round-the-clock police guards at his £4m home in Bayswater, Central London, as well as a 16-man, armed close protection team who travel the world with him and a police team to look after his £4 million Buckinghamshire mansion.

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Government has launched state-sponsored attack on religion, says Baroness Warsai

The shadow community cohesion minister said forced secularism was “not the British way” and accused the Government of relying on a failed policy of multiculturalism.

In a speech to the Conservative Party conference she said it was time to “mend the broken ties that should bind us”.

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No one knows what happens if retiring MPs refuse to make their repayments


The MPs who are most likely to defy Legg are those who are standing down. They have little to lose in saying that they won’t abide by the retrospectively imposed caps on various things. The question of whether they could be compelled to pay this money back looks like it could turn into a major row. In an interview with Andrew Neil to be broadcast tomorrow Harriet Harman seems to have no concrete idea of how this process might actually work:

Andrew Neil: What would happen to an MP of any party, what would happen to an MP who decides that he or she is standing down at the next election and refuses to pay up?

HH: Well, I think that we haven’t got to that situation. I think that…

AN: What would happen?

HH: Well, we, we, we, you know, I think that that’s an entirely hypothetical situation but I mean…

AN: It could happen – many people are not standing again, many people have had requests from Legg to pay back. What happens if they don’t pay back the money?

HH: Well, I think they will pay back, they will pay back.

AN: Even if they’re standing down?

HH: Well, the House of Common’s authorities, the Members’ Estimates Committee, will have the responsibility at that point to ensure that money which the Members’ Estimates Committee feels needs to be recouped on the back of the Legg investigation is recouped. I mean, that’s what the situation will be.

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Jack Straw ‘tried to conceal MPs’ expenses’


“The English are not worth saving as a race,” says Jewish Jack Straw.

Jack Straw tried to prevent MPs’ expenses claims from being published because he did not want the public to find out about renovations to his own home, documents seen by The Sunday Telegraph suggest.

He led an all-party delegation of senior MPs which urged Richard Thomas, the Information Commissioner, to turn down requests by journalists and campaigners to release details of MPs’ second home expenses, the papers show.

Mr Straw’s intervention came at a critical meeting in December 2006, when Mr Thomas had already drafted a ‘decision notice’ which would have ordered the Commons authorities to publish details of claims under the Additional Costs Allowance (ACA), which funds second homes.

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300 MPs ‘face expenses challenge’


More than 300 MPs could be asked either to repay money or provide further information to justify their expenses claims, it has been reported.

MPs are set to receive letters next week about their claims over the past five years.

Auditors are expected to ask up to 325 members to justify instances where they have received public money, or to repay it, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

The letters are reportedly being sent out by former civil servant Sir Thomas Legg, who has been leading a review of all claims since 2004.

Sir Thomas is believed to be examining cases where MPs have used parliamentary expenses to improve their second homes and make a profit, rather than just maintain them.

He is also said to have uncovered more examples where taxpayers’ money has been used to pay off the capital element of mortgages, instead of just interest on the borrowing, as is allowed under the rules.

The letters will be sent out privately, and Sir Thomas is not expected to deliver his final report until December. They will also receive an email containing a detailed analysis of their use of the Additional Costs Allowance, which is intended to help meet the costs of running a second home, the newspaper reported.

MPs will be told they have three weeks to challenge Sir Thomas’s findings and can appeal to the Commons’ standards and privileges committee if they do not agree with his conclusions. According to the BBC, the Prime Minister could be among those asked to pay back cash.

In an interview, Gordon Brown said he believed the “worst offenders” in the scandal should be prosecuted.

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25 terrorists to be released early this year


Up to 25 terrorists will be released from prison early over the next year, raising fears that some will slip through the probation net and plot new attacks against Britain.

Convicted Islamist terrorists including those considered the highest risk to national security have seen their jail terms reduced on appeal following a landmark ruling last year.

Two men convicted of soliciting murder during the Danish cartoons protests in London, and others who provided support for the failed July 21 bombers are among those to have benefited from a new leniency in terror sentencing.

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Ministers’ pension pots are worth £9 million

a nice little earner

The full value of the gold-plated pensions of Government ministers can be revealed today, with new figures showing that they are worth a total of nearly £9m this year.

Official figures unearthed by the Liberal Democrats show that total pension funds for the members of the Government have shot up from the £6,888,081 declared last year to £8,954,348 this year.

The rises are understood to be largely the result of a change in accounting rules which means that the full value of ministers’ pensions is being revealed for the first time.

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Home Office worker let in illegal immigrants ‘to give them a chance’

A Home Office case worker let 49 migrants into Britain who should not have been here because she “just wanted them to earn some money”, a court heard.

Aliya Ali, a senior member of staff in the Croydon office, was even promoted during the period in which she was allowing the illegal immigrants into the country.

Only a handful of the immigrants have been captured by the authorities and it is unlikely the rest will be found, the court heard.

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Adults ‘must register with Ofsted’ to look after children

Adults who look after friends’ children on a regular basis are being forced to register with Ofsted under new legislation.

They must complete a criminal record check, learn first aid, take a childcare course and even follow Labour’s “nappy curriculum” for under-fives.

Officials insisted the rules were needed to safeguard children.

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MPs’ expenses mole: anger over Armed Forces’ treatment led to leak

Anger over the British Government’s failure to equip the Armed Forces properly, while politicians lavished taxpayers’ money on themselves, led to the leak of MPs’ expenses files.

The mole who leaked the data has told his story for the first time, in the hope that it will shame the Government into finally supplying the right equipment for the thousands of soldiers risking their lives in Afghanistan.

Politicians “still don’t get it”, he said, adding that they were still preoccupied with their own financial situation and MPs’ claims rather than the plight of troops.

“It’s not easy to watch footage on the television news of a coffin draped in a Union Jack and then come in to work the next day and see on your computer screen what MPs are taking for themselves,” he said.

“Hearing from the serving soldiers, about how they were having to work there to earn enough money to buy themselves decent equipment, while the MPs could find public money to buy themselves all sorts of extravagances, only added to the feeling that the public should know what was going on.

“That helped tip the balance in the decision over whether I should or should not leak the expenses data.”

His account appears in No Expenses Spared, a book which is published today and discloses the full story of what Gordon Brown described as “the biggest Parliamentary scandal for two centuries”.

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MPs’ expenses: public backs Telegraph after mole revelations

Voters have praised The Daily Telegraph’s handling of the MPs’ expenses scandal, after the disclosure that the information was leaked by a mole angry at the underfunding of British troops in Afghanistan.

Readers of newspapers across the political spectrum have said that the Telegraph was justified in paying for files of expenses claims that have so far led to more than £500,000 being returned to the taxpayer.

Revelations that the expenses system was being abused to fund lavish home improvements have led to a clear-out of MPs at Westminster, with dozens of members deciding to step down at the next election.

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Town spends £5,000 on ‘scribble’


A town has spent £5,000 on a new logo which resembles a child’s crayon scribble.

The “visual expression” consisting of a computer-generated, three-dimensional image of dozens of multi-coloured, tangled circles is aim to revamp and improve Burnley’s image. And council bosses are so impressed with the design, they have paid an addition £400 to trademark the logo – preventing other towns from using it.

The design was produced by Burnley Vision Board after it secured a £300,000 grant from North West Development Agency (NWDA). The cash will be used to completely re-brand the Lancashire town.

CRB checks ‘deterring school volunteers’


Parents are refusing to work as volunteers in schools after being ordered to undergo criminal record checks, new figures suggest.

The number of adults volunteering to help out in nurseries and school reception classes has fallen by more than a third in just five years, it was disclosed.

Many parents have traditionally volunteered in schools to help read with young children, prepare snacks and tidy classrooms.

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