VIDEO: How the Lib-Lab-Con is Destroying Britain

A five-minute synopsis of the threat you and your family face from the criminal, corrupt and decadent regime that the fools keep voting for. (See first 6 minutes.):



Former Royal navy engineer Fiona Laing embarrasses Sir Nick Harvey after Remembrance Day service.

A Royal British Legion worker approached a former Armed Forces minister following a Remembrance Day service and ‘reimbursed’ him for £7.20 in expenses he claimed after attending a previous ceremony.

Fiona Laing, 45, marched up to Sir Nick Harvey, 52, in front of other dignitaries, officials and members of the public, and gave him an envelope containing the money.

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  • PM asked Sir Jeremy Heywood to warn paper against publishing material
  • GCHQ later went to Guardian’s office and helped staff smash hard drives
  • White House say it is ‘difficult to imagine’ U.S. government taking that action
  • It also emerged Mr Cameron knew in advance David Miranda would be held
  • Home Secretary Theresa May said police acting in national security interests
  • Rifkind says Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger on ‘weak ground’
  • ‘He did not dispute that he had no legal right to possess the files,’ he said
  • David Miranda, who was carrying secret CIA files, was held for nine hours 
  • Brazilian has said he is launching legal action against the Home Office
  • Lord Falconer, who helped bring in Terrorism Act 2000, slams decision
  • ‘I’m very clear that this does not apply to Mr Miranda,’ Labour peer said

Article: Paedophile ring link to No10 to be investigated

Not forgetting our extensive documentation of paedophilia within the SYSTEM, not just Number 10…


Scotland Yard has launched an investigation into historic claims of child abuse after an MP alleged a “senior aide of a former prime minister” had links to a member of a paedophile ring.

The Metropolitan Police announced last night that an inquiry, called Operation Fernbridge, was under way into allegations of child abuse in the early 1980s at a guesthouse in Barnes, London.

This follows claims in October last year from Tom Watson MP, who said that a file of evidence used to convict a man, Peter Righton, of importing child pornography in 1992 contained “clear intelligence” of a sex abuse gang.

Speaking at Westminster, he alleged a member of the group had bragged about links with a senior aide to a former PM.

Raising the issue during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Watson said: “The evidence file used to convict paedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring.

“One of its members boasts of his links to a senior aide of a former prime minister.

“The leads were not followed up, but if the file still exists. I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to parliament and Number 10.”

(2013) Liberal Democract Cllr. Derek Osbourne -ARRESTED OVER CHILD PORN

Derek Osbourne

The leader of Kingston borough council has resigned after he was arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children.

Derek Osbourne, 59, was arrested on Tuesday at his home in Kingston and taken to a south London police station. He has been bailed until August.

In a statement, acting leader Liz Green said the Liberal Democrats were “deeply shocked”.

Mr Osbourne was first elected leader from 1997-98, and then again from 2003.

A spokesman for the council said: “Everyone connected with Kingston Council is shocked by this news and we will of course assist and support the police investigation in any way that we can.”

Mr Osbourne has resigned from the Liberal Democrat group as leader and is expected to resign as a councillor later, said a spokesman.

His duties have included sitting on a committee for the creation of a joint children’s services department between Kingston and Richmond upon Thames, called Achieving for Children.


(2012) Former Liberal Democrat M.P. Cyril Smith -”29 STONE BULLY” WHO SEXUALLY ABUSED CHILDREN

Careful observers will note that the mainstream media/Establihment focus not on the present –those alive and still abusing children– but instead on the deceased. Prima facie this indicates a a well-wrought ploy to shift focus on the deceased and thereby hide the present and operational paedophilies in the government, State, and Establishment. In so doing, the System is seeking to appease the outraged public and decieve them into thinking that this issue is being dealt with rather than brushed under the carpet.

Do not fall for this ploy. Please continue to speak out, share information, and raise awareness. Once the peadophiles in “power” are exposed they will no longer be able to hide.

So who is still voting for the criminal, corrupt, degenerate tripartite machine at the General Election in 2015?   

Protect children and clear out these Enemies of the People by spoiling your ballot and withholding your consent. Don’t just sit at home and not vote –spoil your ballot and send our enemies a clear message. All spoiled ballots are counted and the message is acknowledged. 

It is time to kick back now and kick back harder against this regime which is not for our benefit (as evidenced in the plethora of crimes against the people documented on this website). 

Paedophiles in power (page 1):

Paedophiles in power (page 2):

Paedophiles in power (page 2):

We all have a duty of care to children –past, present, and future.

Popular former Liberal MP Sir Cyril Smith today became the latest public figure to be accused of sexually abusing children.

The former Rochdale MP, who died in 2010, was accused in a Commons debate of physically and sexually abusing boys at Cambridge House hostel in the town, which he ran in the 1960s.

He was one of the best-known politicians of the 1970s and 1980s and earned a reputation for speaking his mind.

It was a trait not always appreciated his party leaders but one which made him popular with the public and in the media.

Labour MP Simon Danczuk said four victims had come forward to claim they were abused by Smith. ‘Young boys who were humiliated, terrified and reduced to quivering wrecks by a 29-stone bully imposing himself on them,’ Mr Danczuk said.

The allegations centre on Cambridge House Hostel, which Sir Cyril ran in Rochdale in the 1960s before becoming the town’s MP.

Mr Danczuk told the Commons Sir Cyril had a ‘kind of disciplinarian role at the hostel and was given free rein to administer punishment to the boys’.

Similar allegations have been made about Sir Cyril in the past and were repeated in his obituaries when he died two years ago.

Mr Danczuk made his accusations against his predecessor Sir Cyril during a Commons debate on child sexual exploitation.

Mr Danczuk said: ‘Attempts to suppress the truth are not new in Rochdale.

‘The culture of cover-up stretches back much further than the recent grooming scandal, and extends right to the heart of our political establishment.

‘If we are to make sure victims of child abuse are sufficiently empowered to claw back some of the dignity that has been taken from them, we need to be open about a widespread abuse of power in our borough. That’s why it’s necessary to turn to Sir Cyril Smith.’

He said Sir Cyril was a ‘political giant’ in Rochdale and ‘one of the most recognisable politicians in the country’.

But his career was continually dogged by allegations that he abused boys.

Mr Danczuk said the allegations ‘appeared in police reports’ but Lancashire police said they cannot be found. ‘It is suggested that a report was pushed to the director of public prosecutions back in 1969.’

The Labour MP referred to four alleged victims who have come forward in recent weeks to say they were abused by Sir Cyril.

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(2012) Liberal Democrat Would-be M.P. Vincent McKee -GUILTY OF 25TH FRAUD OFFENCE

A MAN who stood as an MP in Coventry has been found guilty of another fraud offence.

Vincent McKee, 54, of Hanbury Place, Little Heath, Coventry, had already been found guilty of 24 counts of fraudulently taking money from students and families.

The jury returned again yesterday afternoon to find him guilty of one further similar charge.

A trial at Coventry Crown Court has heard McKee took thousands of pounds from students or parents while running a firm offering private lessons to students.

The jury will continue deliberating today on nine more fraud charges and a separate charge of perverting the course of justice.

McKee – who stood for the Lib Dems in Coventry North west in the 2010 general election – had denied all 34 charges of dishonestly obtaining nearly £30,000 from 34 clients’ accounts using their bank card details.

The charges relate to when McKee was the boss of city student tuition firms.

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(2012) Senior Liberal Democrat Cllr Simon Arthur -JAILED FOR BEATING HIS FRAIL 87-YEAR-OLD MUM “LIKE A DOG”

A senior Lib Dem councillor has been jailed for attacking his frail 87-year-old mother.

Simon Arthur, 44, was sentenced to four months after a court heard he treated his mother Isabelle “like a dog” for years.

Arthur admitted punching pensioner Mrs Arthur who uses a walking stick to get around.

Magistrates heard Arthur – a Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in the 2010 General Election – told his mother: “I hope you have an awful death”.

Arthur was finally arrested when a neighbour called police after seeing him assault his mother on the driveway of their home.

Prosecutor Sharon Anderson said: “Mrs Arthur had been out for the day but said she was too scared to return home, choosing to wait in a car park.

“She regularly went to the car park to avoid going home and had even slept there overnight previously.

“Around 8pm she did go home and parked in the driveway but her son had locked all the doors to their home.

“At around 11.30pm he came out of the house and began the attack.”

Mrs Arthur’s statement read: “He came over, opened the driver’s side door, grabbed hold of my hair and tried to pull me out of the car. It was like he was possessed.

“He tried to grab me a second time shouting ‘You’ll burn, you’ll suffer in the after life’.”

Swansea magistrates heard Mrs Arthur tried to make her way down the driveway to get help but her son grabbed her walking stick from her to block her path.

Ms Anderson said: “Mrs Arthur fell to the ground and dragged herself along the floor.

“She crawled out of the drive and her son followed, eventually trying to pick her up but she told him to leave her alone.”

Police arrived and took Arthur into the kitchen where he opened a drawer and grabbed a knife.

Arthur lunged at Pc Greg Bowen who dodged the blade before disarming the Lib Dem councillor.

The court heard Mrs Arthur did not support the prosecution against her son and asked police and social services for help instead.

Her statement said: “I now realise he will hurt me if he carries on – I don’t know what I have done to deserve this.

“I want him out of my house, I want him to get the help he needs.”

The court heard Mrs Arthur told police her son treated her like a dog saying she was terrified of him and “living on eggshells”.

In her statement Mrs Arthur said her son had never had a proper job and had always relied on her for financial support.

She said: “He has a nasty temper and has got more controlling since my husband died 22 years ago.

“Simon’s behaviour escalated last year after my twin brother Peter died.

“He told me ‘It should be you that’s gone, not Peter. I hope you have an awful death’.”

In her statement Mrs Arthur said: “I try and let it go over my head but when it’s physical, I can’t excuse it.”

Magistrates were told widow Mrs Arthur was advised by social services to write a letter to her son asking her son to leave the premises but he responded by laughing and throwing it away.

Arthur admitted to police in interview that he had punched his mother on a number of previous occasions.

Officers asked him to indicate the force he had used on a scale of one to ten. He replied “two”.

Arthur, a Lib Dem councillor for the Newton ward on Mumbles Community Council, admitted common assault and assault by beating.

Magistrates imposed a restraining order on Arthur after hearing his mother no longer wants to share her home with him.

He was ordered to move out and only to visit on her instructions.

JP Eliot Griffiths said: “Your mother is now very much in charge and you have to do what she tells you to.”

Peter May, Chairman of Swansea Lib Dems, said after the case: “Mr Arthur has been suspended and we have taken steps to permanently expel him from the party.”

Isabelle Arthur, Age Cymru’s Safeguarding Manager Louise Hughes said: “Elder abuse in any way, shape or form is completely unacceptable, and this case is one of the worst examples of elder abuse that we ever have heard of.

“Age Cymru commends Mrs Arthur’s neighbour for contacting the authorities – that one single act helped bring an end to the abuse that was being dealt out by Simon Arthur, and his eventual jailing.

“We hope that the publicity generated today by this case will raise awareness of elder abuse and send out a strong message that society does not tolerate cruelty towards older people.”

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‘Politicians keep British soldiers in Afghanistan as human shields for their reputations’ -SAYS PAUL FLYNN M.P.


Question of the day: Why don’t we see essential ground-breaking news like this from Western mainstream media? Why do we have to look to Russia to lift the lid on the crooks in office? 

This interview MUST be viewed.

British MP Paul Flynn, who was suspended from the House of Commons for voicing his opposition to the war in Afghanistan, told RT there is absolutely no reason to keep UK soldiers in the warzone any longer, other than to save ministers’ reputations.

A British Labour Party politician, Flynn was recently suspended from the House of Commons after he accused ministers of lying over military policy in Afghanistan. Below is an extract from his speech:

“The role of our brave soldiers at the moment is to act as human shields for ministers’ reputations. The danger to our soldiers is being prolonged by those on that bench who have the power to stop it. Other countries have removed their soldiers from this dangerous area where they’re not doing what we are doing, which is arming and training our future enemy. Isn’t this very similar to the end of the First World War, when it was said the politicians lied and soldiers died and the reality was as it is now – that our brave soldier lions are being led by ministerial donkeys!”

Speaking with RT, Paul Flynn has said that politicians have been making the wrong decisions concerning the Afghan war for many years. What’s more, the current war has not changed things in Afghanistan. It even made them worse, while Britain has wasted lives and huge sums of money – and continues to do so.

RT: Paul Flynn, after that you were disciplined by the speaker and barred from parliament for five days. Presumably, you knew that would happen, but you thought it was worth it.

Paul Flynn: 
Oh, it’s very well worthwhile. It’s a very rare event and the result is being that my words have been seen almost all over the world. There’s been an extraordinary effect. And I believe this may well be a turning point in public opinion. I believe 80 per cent of public opinion would like to see [the] boys home by Christmas, and the government have their heads in the sands, and they are ignoring it.

RT: You’ve been a long-standing critic of the war in Afghanistan. So what brought on this specific outburst?

PF: This one was about the futility of the deaths in the last few days and the utter imbecile lying ministers who come before us and made idiotic excuses for continuing the war. There is only one reason why the war is continuing and that is to protect the reputations of politicians. Our soldiers are there as human shields for ministers’ reputations. What they are trying to do is to keep the war going on to the best moment that would reflect on the reputations of politicians.

Absolutely no reasons why we shouldn’t bring our troops home now. The only reason is that we are tied in with the politics of the United States. We are an independent state. We have to remind us of that. We can take our own decisions and what we are going to see in the future is deepening the trouble. There will be more slaughter. Because of this whole of these fictitious aims of the war we seem to collapse. And what’s happening now there is no possibility that we can train the Afghan people and army and their police that will fight their own people that will kill brother-Afghans, for what? For a corrupt election-rigging depraved president or to defend the interest of a foreign country? It can’t happen.

RT: You say that ministers are keeping soldiers in Afghanistan to protect their own reputation. But how does the death of more soldiers protect anyone’s reputation?

PF: The official attitude is we must protect our reputations against our previous mistakes and in the war so that history will judge the politicians made the right decisions. In fact, we’ve been making the wrong decisions for many years.

You maintain that what Britain is doing is arming and training its future enemies. And I suppose there is a historical precedent for that.       

PF: There is a very powerful precedent that the Americans trained and armed the Mujahideen. And the Mujahideen are the worst government that Afghanistan has had in a hundred years. And the Taliban were a great reforming improvement in a Mujahideen. But we’ve done this in the past and we are going to do it again. There is no way that a Taliban army or police are going to risk their lives, kill their brother-Afghans in the service of a foreign country when we’ve gone over the service of a corrupt president. They are going back to their tribal loyalties, the Uzbeks and the Pashtuns will be divided as they always have been divided. And the likelihood is that there will be disorder when we leave.  We went there, civil war was going on, and the country was bitterly divided. After we’ve left, a few years, the situation will be very similar. There’ll be more civil war and the likely future rulers will be the Taliban.

RT:What lessons, then, should have been learnt from both Britain’s own colonial past and the Soviet Union’s experience in Afghanistan?  

PF: In 2001 in Strasbourg a very ebullient member of the Duma tapped me on the back and said: “You British have gone into Afghanistan and you captured it in a few days. I’m saying that we Russians did that. And we were there for 10 years. We killed a million Afghans, we spent billions of rubles. And we lost 16,000 of our own soldiers. And when we came out, we left a puppet government there, but there were 300,000 Mujahideen in the hills who eventually took over.” And he said to me: “It will happen to you.” And he was absolutely precisely right.

We deluded ourselves. We told ourselves fairy stories about what was going to happen. But we could change things and we couldn’t. There was a benign cause that the Russians would have been taken up in Afghanistan of taking people at a bottom life, giving them a chance to improve materially. I mean, nothing really happened in the end. And we went in, we were going to get rid of the drugs trade, we were ending corruption, we were going to give women a better deal. And nothing has changed.

The corruption is exactly the same, possibly worse. Drugs’ trade is… 90 per cent of the drugs in Britain come from Afghanistan, Tony Blair told the House. 90 per cent! Twelve years later 90 per cent of the drugs still come from Afghanistan. There is a difference. There is more of them now and they are cheaper on the streets. And more people corrupted.

In 2001 Afghanistan was the second-worst place in the world for a woman to live. Now it’s the second-worst place in the world of a woman to live. But the objectives of the war were hopeless, were utopian. And we’ve wasted lives and huge sums of money and we’ll end up in two or three years’ time with a situation just as bad as the one that was there before we invaded.

RT: Let’s talk a bit about the logistics and message that pulling out now would send. What about the soldiers who are serving in Afghanistan at the moment, those, who’ve already served and the families of the soldiers who’ve died. Wouldn’t pulling out now send the message that everything they’ve done has been essentially for nothing?

PF: It’s certainly a tragedy that those families must go through this trauma, have realized that this was a war in which nothing has been achieved. But certainly they have to face that eventually. What would be immoral and cruel is to tell other people the same lies and that more lives should be lost. In order to comfort the bereaved or to comfort politicians that they made the right decisions, at the moment now there’s no conceivable reason why we shouldn’t start telling the truth to people and say that there isn’t this mythical threat of terrorism in Britain that we somehow are ending by being in Afghanistan. If we say to the Taliban “Why are you killing our soldiers?” would they say “When we’ve killed all your soldiers, we are coming over to Newport and to Cardiff and London and we’re going to blow up your streets?” They’ve got no interest in that.

The reason the Taliban are killing British soldiers is because we are the foreigners, we are the infidels. And we occupy, by force of arms, their country. It’s their sacred religious duty to kill us. If we are not there, they don’t kill us. It’s a fairly simple argument to understand.

So what you are saying is that pulling out of Afghanistan right now wouldn’t affect the security situation in the rest of the world?

No, not in the slightest. There are security threats. They come from Pakistan. They come from Yemen. They come from Somalia. They come from Bradford. We had an attack by Al-Qaeda that was from English people brought up in England.

RT: Is it not the better to have the US as friends rather than enemies? What kind of message would leaving now send to America which at the moment is supposedly a trusted friend and ally?

PF: We have a claim that we are an independent country and we spend billions on an independent nuclear weapon. We should be independent as far as Afghanistan is concerned. We’ve already seen countries that we greatly respect and admire assembling themselves pulling out of the conflict. Quite rightly, honorably they’ve given huge contributions in blood and treasure. We should take our own decision. We know that at least 80 per cent of the population is saying: “For Goodness sake, bring our boys home by Christmas!”

Paul Flynn, thank you.

 My pleasure.


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Abdul Patel

Kirklees Council is investigating allegations about the running of a Muslim burial ground which is partly operated by a newly-elected Dewsbury councillor.

Coun Abdul Patel this week hit back at claims about the amounts paid by bereaved families to himself and former Batley councillor Ghulam Maniyar, who together run the Muslim Mosque Burial Committee.

It has been alleged that the men may have taken up to £1m from families during the 25 years they have leased the private plot near Dewsbury Cemetery.

It is also claimed the burial committee may have questions to answer about tax and accounts and that there is no record of where bodies are buried.

But Coun Patel – who won his Dewsbury East seat for Labour this year – says the allegations are untrue.

“I don’t think this will affect my work as a councillor at all,” he said.

“The community is behind me and I am not worried about the outcome of any investigation.”

Mr Maniyar – a Batley East Labour councillor until 2004 – also insists: “None of this is true. I won’t be losing any sleep.

“We have a lease on the land and pay to Kirklees Council. And we have a record of every grave. If we didn’t pay our rent the council would follow it up.

“There are more than 400 graves there and if we didn’t keep up records there would be an investigation.”

He said the committee was an open organisation, and payments for burials differed because some people wanted more than the basics which pushed up the cost.

“I have no fear about this at all,” said Mr Maniyar. “Our operation is an open book.”

Kirklees Council’s audit team has begun an investigation after a former councillor raised concerns about the committee.

A spokesman said: “The investigation is more than 50 per cent complete. So far there has been no police or tax authority involvement.

“The site in question is privately leased and Kirklees Council does not have statutory requirements regarding the registration and disposal of bodies at the site .”

But he said graves in the Muslim cemetery were not the council’s responsibility.

He added that there was nothing apparent at this stage to stop Coun Patel continuing as a councillor.

(2012) Liberal Democrat Cllr. Simon Arthur -GUILTY OF ASSAULTING HIS 87-YEAR-OLD MOTHER

Simon Arthur (Liberal Democrats)
Councillor Simon Hugh Arthur has admitted assaulting his 87 year-old mother who said she was “terrified” by her son after he subjected her to a catalogue of assaults.
Simon Hugh Arthur, 44, admitted trying to drag his elderly mother, Isabelle Arthur, from her car.
Arthur, who represents Newton ward on Mumbles Community Council, also admitted grabbing a knife and lunging towards a police officer.
Mrs Arthur said she was “terrified” by her son, who had stood as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrats in the 2010 General Election.
Sharon Anderson, prosecuting, read a statement to Swansea Magistrates Court from Mrs Arthur in which she said her son “treats her like a dog”, and that she is living on eggshells.
The prosecutor added that Arthur had admitted to police in interview that he had punched his mother on a number of previous occasions.
Mrs Arthur — who was described in court as “frail” — had been out for the day on July 21 but said she was too scared to return to the home they share, instead choosing to wait in a Mumbles car park.
She said she regularly went to the car park to avoid going home, and had even slept there overnight previously.
Around 8pm she did go home and parked in the driveway but her son had locked all the doors to their home in Summerland Lane, Newton.
The court heard that at around 11.30pm Arthur came out of the house and began the attack.
Mrs Arthur’s statement read: “He came over, opened the driver’s side door, grabbed hold of my hair and tried to pull me out of the car. It was like he was possessed.”
He tried to grab her a second time, but failed, before shouting “You’ll burn” and “You’ll suffer in the after life”.
The court was told Mrs Arthur, who uses a walking stick, then tried to make her way down the driveway to get help but her son grabbed her stick from her, using it to block her path.
Mrs Arthur fell to the ground and dragged herself along the floor.
She crawled out of the drive and her son followed, eventually trying to pick her up — but she told him to leave her alone.
A neighbour saw what was going on and called the police.
Mrs Arthur escaped serious injury in the assault.
In her statement she said her son had never had a proper job and always relied on her for financial support.
He had a “nasty temper,” and he had got “more controlling” since Mrs Arthur’s husband died 22 years ago.
Last year, after Mrs Arthur’s twin brother, Peter, died Arthur’s behaviour “escalated,” she said.
Ms Anderson said after his uncle’s death, Arthur told his mother: “It should be you that’s gone, not Peter” and “I hope you have an awful death”.
In her statement Mrs Arthur said: “I try and let it go over my head but when it’s physical, I can’t excuse it.”
When police arrived on the night of the attack, they took Arthur into the kitchen where he opened a drawer and grabbed a knife.
A statement by PC Greg Bowen which was read out to the court described how Arthur raised the knife above his head and lunged at the officer.
PC Bowen and another officer managed to grab the knife.
“If he’d have been given a split second more than allowed he would have brought the knife down on me,” the constable’s statement said.
Arthur later told police he had he locked the doors to the house “out of spite”, and said he did not remember most of the incident and had drunk more than a bottle of wine.
In his interview, he said he did not intend to hurt the police officer, but wanted to commit suicide.
The court heard Mrs Arthur did not support the prosecution against her son and would not make a formal complaint but wanted him to get help.
Her statement continued: “I now realise he will hurt me if he carries on, I don’t know what I have done to deserve this. I want him out of my house, I want him to get the help he needs.”
Magistrates were told she had contacted social services who had advised her to write a letter, asking her son to leave the premises — but he had responded by laughing and throwing it away.
Arthur had been involved in six domestic violence incidents against his mother since August last year, the court heard.
After he admitted having previously punched his mother, officers asked him to indicate the force he had used on a scale of one to ten. He replied “two”.
Laura Sherwood, representing Arthur, said she did not plan to mitigate until a pre-sentence report had been prepared.
Arthur, who admitted two charges of common assault, was remanded in custody until August 6.

The REAL migrant scandal? Politicians still pretend we control our borders – when the truth is Brussels won’t let us

Yesterday, yet again, we saw headline news being made by a shocking  tale of incompetence and mismanagement by the UK Border Agency, the body set up in 2008 to control immigration to this country.

The backlog of cases piled up in the agency’s labyrinthine system, we are told, amounts to 276,000, equivalent to the population of Newcastle. Most of the migrants are here illegally and should have been sent home years ago.

They include 150,000 foreign workers and students still in Britain even though they were refused extensions to their visas; 101,000 untraced ‘asylum seekers’ left over from when 450,000 ‘forgotten files’ were discovered in 2005; and 3,900 foreign offenders released by the courts to protect their human rights.

Shambles: The UK Border Agency was established in 2008 to control immigration to this countryShambles: The UK Border Agency was established in 2008 to control immigration to this country

Keith Vaz MP, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, calls the Border Agency ‘a Bermuda triangle’ for immigrants who find it easy enough to get into Britain from anywhere in the world, but then vanish off the radar because there is no way of tracing them, let alone deporting them because they entered illegally or have broken our laws.

Scandals surrounding our immigration policy are so commonplace that we all accept it is completely out  of control.

MPs like Mr Vaz — whose committee is so exasperated it is now reporting on the Border Agency’s performance every three months — regularly jump up and down asking for something to be done.

But even though it is officially predicted that within eight years Britain’s population will have increased by another five million, nothing ever happens.

Keith Vaz has called the Border Agency 'a Bermuda triangle' for immigrantsKeith Vaz has called the Border Agency ‘a Bermuda triangle’ for immigrants

Home Secretaries from Labour’s John Reid and Charles Clarke to the Coalition’s Theresa May have faced a torrent of criticism — to which they reply with limp bureaucratic statements, promising action.

But things just go from bad to worse.

Behind this dismal picture, however, lies a much bigger story and one we are simply not being told about. The reason why our immigration policy is in such a shambles is that we do not have any control over it.

The real explanation for almost everything we find so horrifying about this mess is that virtually every aspect of our policy is no longer decided here in Britain at all, but is dictated by a morass of international rules and, above all, by those emanating from the EU.

We are familiar with the fact that, since ten more countries joined the EU in 2004, including Poland and those of formerly Communist eastern Europe, we have had to admit anyone from the 28 countries of the EU, giving them the right to live and work here and to enjoy a wide range of benefits such as our NHS and schools.

But if you examine the section of the EU’s ‘Europa’ website headed ‘Free movement of persons, asylum and immigration’, you will see three pages of headings covering every  conceivable aspect of immigration policy, from visa rules to our duties to asylum seekers.

As these headings make clear, the rules, many based on UN and other international agreements, cover not just the way we must treat EU citizens but how we deal with immigrants from the rest of the world.

The scandal of this is twofold. It is not just that successive governments have handed over to the EU the power to dictate every aspect of who we must admit to live and work in Britain, it is also the extent to which politicians such as Mrs May will not honestly and openly admit this.

Ministers and MPs continue to pretend that we at least have some control over immigration by what they slyly call ‘non-EU citizens’.

Benefits: Since ten more countries joined the European Union in 2004, we have had to admit anyone from the 28 countries of the EU - giving them the right to work and liveBenefits: Since ten more countries joined the European Union in 2004, we have had to admit anyone from the 28 countries of the EU – giving them the right to work and live

But the truth is that we have signed up to a vast system of international rules about how we must treat migrants, no matter where they come from — which mean that our politicians and officials, like those of the UK Border Agency, no longer have any choice but to obey them.

The reason why the Border Agency is faced with this horrifying backlog of cases involving immigrants, most of whom should no longer be here, is that in everything it does the agency tries to follow more zealously than any other country in Europe the procedures of the system we signed up to, a system so tortuously complex that it is unworkable.

And on top of this we have all the absurdities piled on us by the Human Rights Act, which enshrines the European Convention on Human Rights, into British law.

ARTICLE: British Government Child Trafficking for Profit at Hands of Clegg’s Lib Dems?

Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather is Minister for Children and Families, and is responsible for some 14 areas listed on the government’s education website. These include childcare, children’s centers, health issues, school food disabled children and more. One of her key responsibilities is “Children’s services commissioning and market development”.

To most people this phrase reeks of commercial activity, money and profits – yes, the commissioning of contracts and the development of markets. Is the British government really involved in making money from the protection and care of children and families? The answer is you bet, and what’s more they don’t like talking about it.

Sarah Teather was recently sent a simple email by the UK Column:

I note that included in your responsibilities as Minister of State for Children and Families is the responsibility of: ‘Children’s services commissioning and market development.’ Please could you explain exactly what this responsibility involves, particularly with regard to how children and the related services are a commercial enterprise requiring ‘market development’.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Ms Teather was slow to reply. The UK Column therefore emailed the Liberal Democrat press team headed by James Holt. In due course a reply was received not from Mr Holt, but from Sarah Derwent, Chief Press Officer for the Department of Children and Families. She replied, copying her email to Matt Saunders of the Cabinet Office:

Local Authorities are responsible for commissioning services for children and young people.  As part of their commissioning process, they need to effectively manage markets to ensure provision (public, voluntary or private) meets needs in order to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Her reply was of course waffle. The UK Column replied directly to Ms Teather herself:

Sarah [Derwent’s] reply is woefully inadequate and written in nu-speak. Having spoken to Sarah she either does not have the necessary mental acumen or is totally unaware of the huge growth in commercial activity around children and children’s services, and does not know her subject – I therefore return to my original question which is directed at your personal ministerial role and not that of Local Authorities.

Shirking ministerial and personal responsibility and accountability, Ms Teather MP relied once again on Sarah Derwent to give a better response:

A DfE spokesperson said – The well being of children is our priority, the Department for Education wants to make sure all children are safe and receive the best possible services. Across the country, the statutory, voluntary and private sectors all deliver a wide variety of high quality children’s services. The decision of who to commission to provide services is a matter for local authorities.

The UK Column would like to point out that Ms Teather has still not answered the original question which simply asked what her actual ministerial responsibilities are. Neither has a response come from Francis Maude’s Cabinet Office – part of a government which was to be as transparent as possible. Could the unease at this question be due to Memorandums of Understanding between the Family Law Division and Cafcass, or the vast fees paid to Judges, Courts, barristers, solicitors, psychiatrists, psychologists, care centres, contact centres and charities estimated at £20 billion per year?

Or could it be because British children are now being trafficked to the ‘care’ of foreign parents world wide under new ‘child protection’ procedures in partnership with Cara India? Kent County Council alone spent £104,748 during 2010/11 on adoption matters in Nigeria, Colombia, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Thailand. Commissioning and Markets in children – Just why is the British Government child trafficking Ms Teather?

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ARTICLE: M.P.s Demands Free Food

PAMPERED MPs want free meals after complaining of MICE and “stinking” cut-price grub in the Commons.

They want taxpayers to pick up the entire bill for all they scoff.

Many complain of “weird” menus served up in “Soviet-style” restaurants INFESTED with mice — and say the food is not worth paying for. But taxpayers fork out£5.8MILLION a year to subsidise their meals.

One MP wrote: “I saw a mouse in the Members’ Tea Room about which I made comment to a member of staff. The member of staff was pretty matter of fact — to the point that I got the impression that the sight of a rodent was par for the course!”

Scores moaned about the standard of their heavily-subsidised food in a survey of politicians and their staff.

They whinged about the wine waiters and complained that coffee bar staff did not know the difference between a cappuccino and a latte.

The complaints about the cheap meals and wine at Westminster come in a survey of MPs and their staff conducted by private pollsters — costing taxpayers another £27,790.

Details obtained under Freedom of Information laws lay bare the full extent of the dissatisfaction. A typical meal — rib-eye steak with hand-cut chips and Béarnaise sauce — costs two quid — £7.80, less a taxpayers’ subsidy of £5.92.

But one MP whinged: “The restaurants are Soviet-style. Vegetables are horrendously overcooked, meat is often raw.

“Sandwiches taste like they have been frozen for three months. It’s a shocker.”

Another blasted: “The food is really starting to stink.”

(2012) Liberal Democrat M.P. Danny Alexander -TAX CHEATING


Following the Jimmy Carr crash last week Danny Alexander took to our screens to attack tax avoiders. That’s the very same Danny Alexander who conned the Treasury out of over £100,000 by flipping his home back during the expenses scandal. Beaker shamelessly registered the property as his second home when he became an MP in 2005, despite admitting to Revenue and Customs that it was in fact his main residence. The trick allowed him to claim over £37,000 of taxpayers’ money doing up the London pad over the following two years. In 2007 Danny then sold up for £300,000, using a tax loophole to avoid paying the then 40% capital gains tax. His accountant certainly earned his – or should that be our – money. 

Now Alexander is laying into the likes of Carr and Gary Barlow, lambasting tax avoiders as the moral equivalent of benefits cheats. People in flipped houses…

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VIDEO: Paedophilia, Child Abuse, and Child Kidnapping by the State and Government -MUST SEE

A young lady by the name of Hollie Greig has key evidence against leading figures in the British Establishment.

The Establishment wants to separate mother and daughter by putting daughter into “care” so it will shut her up. Then the evidence against the paedophiles in the Establishment is silenced.

A gagging order of 70 years has been put on the evidence found by U.S police in Operation Ore. They unearthed evidence of 350-400 paedophiles at high levels of British society.

The Establishment and Social Services are actively involved in child trafficking.

(13 mins in) “Sarah Tether [Lib Dem] minister for Families and Children won’t reply to [simple questions] nor answer Freedom of Information requests…because the British government is stealing, abusing, and trafficking children”.

Neutrality is complicity.

(13 mins,17 secs in) “…politicians condone [child abuse] by the fact they will not take action.”

“Every MP has been informed about [child abuse]”

(13 mins, 19 secs) “David Cameron condones the abuse of children because he has done nothing.”

(13 mins, 20 secs) “[Ed] Miliband is the same” and “Clegg has got a big foot in the camp becase…Sarah Tether [fellow Liberal] is now covering up the trafficking of children through this system”.


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VIDEO: M.P.s: Our Drunk “Representatives”

They are there to solve the UK’s pressing problems, but it seems MPs need some help too. The recent arrest of a Labour MP after a late-night brawl in the House of Commons bar, is just the latest in a string of alcohol fuelled scandals. RT’s Laura Smith reports on how some Parliamentarians are said to be drinking their way through life at Westminster.

(2012) Liberal Democratc Cllr. Judith Best -ASSAULT


ABOVE: Cllr. Judith Best and her alleged victim, Neil Potter.

Lambeth’s deputy mayor and her son have been arrested after an early morning attack that left a man with a broken jaw, broken ribs and requiring 27 stitches.

Councillor Judith Best was arrested after 41-year-old Neil Potter, of Fullsbrook Road, Streatham, was assaulted in Madeira Road in the early hours of Friday morning.

Coun Best, 51, was detained after attending a police station on Saturday.

Her son, Scott Richards, 31, was captured on Sunday following a police chase, and police are still looking for others in connection with the incident.

Lambeth police attended the scene shortly after 3.20am and an ambulance took Mr Potter to a south London hospital, where he needed 27 stitches for his injuries.

He had an operation on his jaw the next day.

His father, Steve Potter, said he would be forced to eat soft food for at least eight weeks, adding “he is lucky to be alive”.

Police charged Mr Richards with grievous bodily harm. He remains in custody at a south London police station.

Coun Best, the Liberal Democrat councillor for Streatham Wells ward, was arrested for actual bodily harm with conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm and has been bailed to return to a south London police station in September.


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(2012) Liberal Democrat Cllr. Denis Bennett -INDECENT ASSAULT

Denis Bennett, 50, a married father of two who had served on St Austell Town Council, was yesterday convicted of stood in the dock at Truro Crown Court yesterday (thursday) to hear the verdict. The jury took an hour and fifteen minutes to find the supermarket worker guilty of one count of indecently assaulting the 18-year-old man.

Bennett had denied the allegation at Truro Crown Court, insisting he had merely been fooling around with the teenager, admitting only that he might have gone “over the top a bit”.

Judge Christopher Elwen adjourned the case for pre-sentence reports and released Bennett on bail to reappear in four weeks’ time for sentence.

During the one-day trial the court heard the victim had been visiting Bennett’s family home on Market Hill, St Austell, when the attack took place. The defendant has since moved out of the house.


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(2012) Liberal Democrat Cllr. Nathan Brett Bale -GUILTY OF 10 COUNTS OF MAKING INDECENT IMAGES OF KIDS

Nathan Brett Bale, 31, resigned from Cornwall Council about three months ago citing ill health reasons.

Married Bale, of Penfound Gardens, Bude, attended Bodmin Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday to plead guilty to ten counts of making indecent photographs of children.

The charges he admits relate to between April 2003 to June 2011 and range from level one to level four on a scale of severity – level five is the most serious. Following the brief hearing, Bale was released on unconditional bail to return to Bodmin Magistrates on December 7.

Bale had served as shadow spokesman for adult care for the Liberal Democrat group on the council.

Until recently, he held the Bude North and Stratton seat for the Liberal Democrats for three years.

He took the seat in the June 2009 election securing 72 per cent of the vote – the largest on the council.

Before the new unitary authority came into force in April 2009 Bale was a councillor on North Cornwall District Council.

At the time of Bale’s resignation, councillor Jeremy Rowe, leader of the Liberal Democrat group on the council, said he was very sorry he had stepped down.

He said: “He was a dedicated councillor who was very proud to represent his home town of Bude both on North Cornwall and Cornwall Council.”

Last night a spokesman for Cornwall Council confirmed Bale had appeared in court charged with the offences

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(2012) Liberal Democrat Cllr. Chris Brown -NEGLECT OF CONSTITUENTS

A PORTCHESTER councillor has resigned from Fareham Borough Council after failing to attend any council meetings in the last six months.


Liberal Democrat councillor Chris Brown, pictured, who represents Portchester East, has not attended a meeting since August 5. In that time he has received £3,230 which councillors are paid through their members’ allowances.

Yesterday the council confirmed that Cllr Brown, who had been a ward councillor since May 2010, had handed in a letter of resignation. A by-election will now take place.

Conservative councillor Sean Woodward, leader of Fareham Borough Council, said: ‘He has failed to attend a council meeting for six months. The people of Portchester East have a right to be represented.


Chris Huhne has been charged with perverting the course of justice and will almost certainly have to step down from his position as energy and climate change secretary.

The matter dates back to allegations that he forced his now ex-wife Vicky Pryce to accept penalty points for a speeding offence on his behalf to dodge a ban in 2003.

Both Huhne and Pryce will face charges, the Crown Prosecution Service announced this morning, and will appear in court on 16 February.

“All the available evidence… has now been carefully considered by the CPS and we have concluded there is sufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against Mr Huhne and Ms Pryce for perverting the course of justice,” said Keir Starmer QC, director of Public Prosecutions.

Discussions between David Cameron and Nick Clegg are thought to have concluded, with both men agreeing Huhne cannot remain in his job while fighting a legal battle to clear his name. Huhne has also said he would step down from his position to concentrate on fighting the case.

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(2012) Liberal Democrat Cllr. Jan Powell -IN COURT FOR TAX EVASION

The names of the four Cornwall councillors taken to court for failing to pay their council tax have finally been revealed.

Five months after the Packet first revealed the number of members missing payments, a succession of Freedom of Information requests and a trawl through magistrates courts records have brought the names into the public domain.

They are; *Councillor Chris Pascoe (Lib Dem, Threemilestone and Gloweth), taken to court in July 2011 for arrears of £1,805.31 *Councillor Sasha Gillard-Loft (Lib Dem, Launceston South), taken to court in March 2010 for arrears of £210 *Councillor Jan Powell (Lib Dem, Liskeard North), taken to court in August 2010 for arrears of £833.85.

*Councillor Alex Folkes (Lib Dem, Launceston Central), taken to court three times, the final time in July 2011 for arrears of £811.07.

Despite each being approached by the Packet in October and directly asked if they had ever faced legal action against them for council tax arrears, all four chose to offer no reply at the time.

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(2012) Liberal Democrat Cllr. Alex Folkes -IN COURT FOR TAX EVASION

A LAUNCESTON councillor and front-bench member of the Liberal Democrats at County Hall has apologised for failing to pay his council tax – TWICE.

Alex Folkes, deputy leader of the Lib Dem group and councillor for Launceston Central, was sent reminders and eventually a court summons after failing to pay his council tax.

The non-payment was revealed in court records which showed that Mr Folkes received a summons for non-payment and costs totalling £793.62.

It dated back to March 2010 when he failed to pay his council tax bill and led to two reminders and a final warning before he received the court summons. It was the second year running that the councillor – who during the 2010 general election campaign followed Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg as an official photographer – had missed a tax payment.


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(2012) Liberal Democrat Cllr. Sasha Gillard-Loft -IN COURT FOR TAX EVASION

Two more Liberal Democrat councillors have admitted being taken to court after failing to pay council tax on time.

Sasha Gillard-Loft and Jan Powell admitted this week that they had not made the payments at certain points over the last two years.

The news has sparked criticism from the county’s opposition Conservative group and also the TaxPayers’ Alliance, who said councillors should be setting an example to others. It comes a week after Launceston councillor Alex Folkes admitted he had also failed to pay his council tax.


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(2012) Liberal Democract Cllr Chris Pascoe -IN COURT FOR TAX EVASION

A TRURO area councillor had to be taken to court after failing to pay his council tax, it has been revealed.

Councillor Chris Pascoe is one of four Liberal Democrat members of Cornwall Council who have been forced to come clean over non-payment of council tax bills.

Failure to pay the tax that they help to set has left politicians red-faced and campaign groups furious.

Scott Mann, deputy leader of the Conservative group, said it did not inspire financial confidence in the Lib Dems, who want to control a billion pound budget, if they couldn’t run their personal finances.

“It’s for the public to decide whether it’s a big issue,” he said. “The taxpayer has to have confidence in the people making decisions at County Hall.”

Mr Pascoe, who represents Threemilestone and Gloweth, said problems regarding the payment of council tax began after the death of his father in July, 2010.

He said: “I’ve been in turmoil ever since. It came as a shock financially and obviously emotionally.

“That was the reason for getting behind with the payment of council tax. At the time it was chaotic.

“I knew I was behind but was making payments to keep up. I didn’t know about the court order until recently.”

Mr Pascoe, who is a self-employed electrician, said he has now paid all outstanding bills.

He said: “You struggle as much as the next person with financial problems.”

The councillor said the issue does not affect his capacity to represent his constituents but may have a bearing on his decision of whether or not to stand for re-election in 2013.

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(2012) Liberal Democrat Warren Bradley -TO FACE CHARGES OF PERJURY

The former Liberal Democrat leader of Liverpool City Council has been summonsed to appear in court to face a charge of perjury.

Warren Bradley, 45, of Woodsorrell Road, Wavertree, stepped down as leader of the city’s Liberal Democrat party last April over electoral fraud claims.

He will be charged under Section 5 of the Perjury Act which relates to false statutory declarations.

He is due to appear at Liverpool City Magistrates’ Court on 9 March.

If convicted he could face up to two years in prison, a fine, or both.

A Merseyside Police spokesman said: “The summons follows a police investigation into a complaint referred to the force in April 2011.

“Following that investigation, a file of evidence was passed to the CPS, which took the decision to prosecute.”

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(2012) Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne M.P. faces massive claim over ‘illegal’ investigation

The Bullying of wind farm protesters could cost Government dear. Chris Huhne is facing a £1.25 Million legal claim from an anti-wind farm protester, who claims to have caught the ConDem regime’s Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change authorising an illegal police investigation in to his private life.

George Watson, Legal Advisor to the European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW), says that he discovered by accident that he was being investigated by the UK government under special powers which are only to apply to criminal/terrorist activities.

A letter, reproduced below, has been sent to Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, denouncing this improper use of the legislation, and announcing legal proceedings against the UK government. A formal complaint has also been made to the Metropolitan Police.

Mr. Watson has announced his intention to claim £2.5 Million in compensation, on a split 50/50 basis from the Government and from Mr. Huhne personally.

Criminal proceedings?

The move will add to pressure on Chris Huhne, who is also facing likely criminal proceedings at the end of a long-running police investigation into allegations by his ex-wife that he got her to accept points on her licence when in fact it was him who was speeding.

According to EPAW, Mr Watson was also harassed by a police officer who visited his home in a Scottish rural area on Christmas Eve!

Mark Duchamp, Executive Director of EPAW, is asking UK government Ministers if they intend to investigate and harass other members of the public who oppose the destruction of the British landscape, the killing of protected bird and bat species, and the deterioration of the health of wind farm neighbours. Mr Watson’s only crime, he said, is to have found legal flaws in the way the UK government’s energy policy is being applied.

EPAW claims that wind farms are ineffective, immensely expensive, and destroy jobs in the rest of the economy; that they are also seriously harming human health, and finally that they are killing protected wildlife. In the circumstances, concludes Duchamp, the 514 associations from 23 countries represented by EPAW would like to know why their members in Britain are being investigated and harassed by the authorities, using special powers supposedly reserved for criminals and terrorists.

Mr. Watson’s letter is reproduced below. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dear Mr Huhne:

Reference: Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) 

I contact you in relation to the above-mentioned legislation. 

It was brought to my attention by another Government Department, quite by accident, that you authorised an investigation into my background/private life under the provisions of RIPA. I require you to provide me with the following information: 

a) It should be noted that it would be negligent administration and an abuse of your position, if you did not have evidence that I was involved in criminal/terrorist activity before authorising such action. Taking this fact into consideration, I require details and copies of ALL instances where I was involved in criminal or terrorist activity. However, I freely admit I have been in constant touch with your office in relation to the idiotic policy of IWT’s and the danger to Human Health; 

b) I advise you that I require a ‘true copy’ of any warrant granted and details of the issuing court. In addition, I require a ‘true copy’ of ALL additional material presented to the court in order to attain any warrant; 

c) I require details/copies of ALL documentary information that was attained by your office through the illegal intrusion into my private life. In addition, I require written confirmation that the documentation provided is a full disclosure of information attained/held; 

d) A ‘true copy’ of the authority signed by yourself for the illegal intrusion into my background/private life. 

I advise you that I have instructed Senior Counsel to begin legal proceedings against the UK Government and you personally as an individual. I further advise you that as you have abused your position, this is actionable. A Petition will be lodged against the UK Government and yourself in the coming weeks, in which I will seek ‘Punitive Damages (Exemplary Damages) at the amount of £2.5 million (pounds sterling) on a 50/50 split between the UK Government and a personal liability by yourself. An apology is not sufficient in this case.

Yours sincerely

(2011) Liberal Democrat M.P. David Laws -TO FACE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION

David Laws

Thomas Docherty said he was asking Scotland Yard to mount a criminal investigation after Mr Laws was found guilty of six breaches of parliamentary rules by the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee.

“If this matter was not referred to the police the public would rightly ask is there one law for David Laws, and another for them,” Mr Docherty said.

“If anyone else had fraudulently obtained £50,000 and their defence was that they had done it to protect their privacy, then they would rightfully have had the book thrown at them.”

Mr Laws now faces a seven-day suspension from the Commons after the Standards and Privileges Committee found yesterday that he committed “a series of serious breaches of rules”.

In a personal statement to the Commons, Mr Laws apologised for deliberately concealing the fact that he was using allowances to pay rent to his partner James Lundie. But he insisted his only motive had been to avoid being outed as gay, rather than financial profit.

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(2011) Liberal Democrat prospective candidate mike Dixon -JAILED FOR 16 WEEKS FOR BATTERING A CAT TO DEATH

Former candidate, who speaks out on crime and policing, imprisoned for 16 weeks

A PROSPECTIVE Liberal Democrat MP was jailed yesterday for bludgeoning his family cat to death with a walking stick.

Mike Dixon, 53, who has spoken out on crime and policing in the past, yelled: ‘I’m going to kill this cat’ while brandishing the stick and chasing it upstairs into a bedroom.

He then repeatedly struck black-and-white Tipsy in a ‘prolonged and awful attack’ while his family begged him to stop.

The animal, which had lived with the family for five years, died in agony after suffering for more than half an hour with ten broken bones and a skull fracture.

Kidderminster magistrates heard the prospective parliamentary candidate – who came third in Birmingham Northfield at the general election – ‘lost his temper’ after the cat apparently scratched one of his grandchildren last May.

Some time later, in what RSPCA officers described as a ‘calculated’ attack, he chased it into a bedroom and locked the door behind him before beating it with the stick.

Dixon, of Kidderminster, contacted the police to tell them what he had done and they passed the case on to the RSPCA, which brought the prosecution.

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(2010) Liberal Democrat Mike “Handycock” Hancock M.P. -ARRESTED OVER CLAIMS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT

The following is taken from Guido Fawkes blog:

Portsmouth City Council has been left reeling at the arrest and questioning of Mike Hancock for indecent assault. Inter-party email exchanges through the night have left the LibDems spinning “move along people, nothing to see here”. The grandly named Gerald Vernon-Jackson, the LibDem Council Leader said in the early hours:

“When I knock on doors in Portsmouth I find someone on almost every street who tells me how Mike Hancock has help make their lives better. Mike is by far the best MP this city has had for many years. I continue to think that Mike should continue to be allowed to continue his work for local people.”

Perhaps not the wisest choice of words. It was his attempts “to make their lives better” that got Hancock into this mess in the first place.

UPDATE: Surprisingly LibDemVoice fail to omit the key detail that Hancock was arrested and bailed. Compare and contrast the two statements. Firstly from Hancock:

“I can confirm that I was questioned on Tuesday 12 October by officers of the Hampshire Police in relation to allegations made against me by one individual. I attended the police station voluntarily, cooperated fully and answered all questions that were asked. ”

And the law:

“Hampshire Constabulary spokesman Ian Sainsbury said in a statement: ‘A man has been arrested on suspicion of indecent assault following a complaint from a woman in Portsmouth.”

The GuardianPA and the Telegraph also buy Hancock’s voluntary questioning spin hook, line and sinker. They may not have kicked the veteran Member’s door down but he was certainly nicked.

The messages he sent

These are the messages he sent to the alleged victim. Hancock claims he was just trying to cheer her up. You decide.

  • “You are and believe me i know what i am talking about u r very and i miss you sexy XXX” (15.01 June 14, 2010) With this record, Guido is sure he does…
  • “Please give me a chance you never know my princess XXX” (23.33 April 18, 2010) Just trying to cheer her up!
  • “Thankyou as long its not a wet one XXX” (23.27 May 27, 2010)


Mike’s Previous:

1) (Oct. 12, 2010) “Handycock” Faces probing:


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5) Third Time Unlucky for Hancock:


Not forgetting the three other posts on this site where the name of this reprobate is included:

(Video) David Cameron and Nick Clegg have no mandate to hike VAT


Taken from the Taxpayers’ Alliance Youtube channel:

The Parasite is not so Easily Removed from the Back of the People…

Above: M.P.s are not so tolerant of interlopers (those appointed to give the taxpayer justice) muscling in on their patch.

A senior official tasked with cleaning up the Westminster’s expenses system, has said he left the post “for the sake of my health and sanity” amid a backlash from some MPs.

Nigel Gooding has left his job as operations director of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) following a series of rows with MPs, some of whom have been left up to £20,000 worse off under new stricter rules.

The 46-year-old civil servant was employed on a six-month contract to launch IPSA and implement cuts including an end to public subsidies on lavish second homes and first-class train trips

However, he has stood down from his role, telling the Mail on Sunday: “I have left the job for the sake of my health and sanity.”

IPSA was forced to erect a sign at its Commons offices warning MPs: ‘We will not tolerate abuse of staff.’

Many MPs have complained about IPSA’s handling of their expenses and the implementation of the new rules.

Paul Farrelly, a Labour MP, sent a complaint to Mr Gooding and said the new system was “prehistoric, amateurish, self-defeating and bureaucracy gone mad”.

He wrote: “I have been asked for a copy of my passport or birth certificate to prove my date of birth. Why that is necessary, I do not know. More importantly, as I have used my overdraft limit, my mortgage payment will bounce, causing me embarrassment and further charges You could easily have saved us all this aggravation.”

Mr Gooding’s previous jobs included launching the National Rail Enquiries service and the flu pandemic hot line.

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(2010) Liberal Democrat P.C.C. Steven Sharp -FRAUD

STEPHEN Sharp has stood down from public life with immediate effect — five months after being convicted of fraud.

In a letter dated March 3, Mr Sharp resigned as a councillor on New Mills Town Council and High Peak Borough Council.

The trainee train driver has quit the roles because of work commitments.

He said: “I have decided, with great regret, to stand down as the councillor for New Mills West, on both High Peak Borough and New Mills Town Councils, with immediate effect.

Yet MORE Corruption: MPs’ foreign visit rules breached

Hundreds of breaches of parliamentary rules by MPs who accepted free overseas trips from foreign governments have been uncovered by a BBC investigation.

More than 20 MPs broke rules on declaring hospitality in questions or debates after visiting locations such as the Maldives, Cyprus and Gibraltar.

The MPs – from Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems – breached parliamentary regulations on more than 400 occasions.

One former standards watchdog says it shows MPs cannot regulate themselves.

The Conservative Party MPs named by the BBC are: David Amess (Southend West), Crispin Blunt (Reigate), Graham Brady (Altrincham and Sale West), David Burrowes (Enfield Southgate), Alan Duncan (Rutland and Melton), Liam Fox (Woodspring), Mike Penning (Hemel Hempstead), Andrew Rosindell (Romford), Richard Spring (West Suffolk) and Theresa Villiers (Chipping Barnet).

The Liberal Democrat MPs named by the BBC are: Norman Baker (Lewes), Colin Breed (South East Cornwall), Mike Hancock (Portsmouth South) and Paul Keetch (Hereford).

The Labour MPs named by the BBC are: Andrew Dismore  (Hendon), Jim Dobbin (Heywood and Middleton), Lindsay Hoyle (Chorley), Bob Laxton (Derby North), David Lepper (Brighton Pavilion), Andrew Love (Edmonton), Madeleine Moon (Bridgend) and Rudi Vis (Finchley and Golders Green).

(2010) Liberal Democrat Mayor Omar Ansari -SUSPICION OF BENEFIT FRAUD

A London mayor has been suspended from his post after being arrested on suspicion of benefit fraud.

Camden Mayor Omar Faruque Ansari, 55, was led from the north London borough’s town hall by police on Monday.

He was questioned at Holborn police station over claims that he was falsely claiming disability benefits.

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(2010) Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate David Jack -STEPS DOWN OVER RACIST EMAIL

The Liberal Democrats have launched an investigation into the incident after learning about it earlier today.

A spokesperson said: “We were first alerted to this email exchange earlier today. David Jack is no longer a parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats and we have launched an immediate investigation.”

Channel 4 News Political Correspondent Cathy Newman has spoken to Mr Jack, who denies sending the email, which contains sexually offensive and racist language – although he admits it did come from his official email account. Mr Jack said he had been drinking in Stoke last Friday night when the email was sent at 10.24pm but he was nowhere near his home computer in Cheshire.

The email contains the following sentences (we have removed any reference to the recipient to protect their identity, but Channel 4 News can confirm it was sent to someone with a name of Asian extraction).

Warning: you may find the language used extremely offensive.

“…if I was you I would f*** back off to the hills of tora borro (sic), I have your home address, you are f***** sunshine, we shall see who has got balls now you two faced lying f****** paki… your cards f*****… prison awaits you b** boy. Think your (sic) brave, you don’t know the line you have crossed you f*** witt (sic) – keep looking over you shoulder theif! (sic)”

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1) Chris Huhne for the “Liberal” “Democrats” (oxymoron) thinks that opium, LSD and Speed are an “accepted facet of our society”.

2) Chris was banned from driving for three months for dangerous driving by using a hand held phone.

3) Chris has dubious share dealings and was investigated for more dealings with our money that is sponged by the E.U.  Perhaps this where he managed to raise the money to buy the seven houses that he owns.

4) He is also a parasite on the back of the innocent worker: he charged YOU, THE HARD-WORKING TAXPAYER, for the price of his trouser-press.

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Liberal Democrat Baroness Barker silent on location of home


A FRONTBENCH Liberal Democrat peer is refusing to reveal the location of her main home, which she used to claim more than £70,000 in expenses from the House of Lords.

Baroness Barker, 48, a spokeswoman on health, has lived in London for the past 20 years but four years ago began claiming allowances for peers living outside the capital.

While continuing to live and work in London, Barker claimed up to £19,000 a year by saying her main address was in the “southeast”.

When approached by The Sunday Times, she volunteered the home was in Sussex but would not even name the nearest town nor say whether she owned the property.

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(2009) Liberal Democrat Cllr. Shan Alexander -FACING COURT AFTER CAR CRASH

A FORMER Stockport mayor facing court over after being involved in a fatal car crash has been suspended from the Liberal Democrat Party.

Councillor Shan Alexander, 65, who was appointed as Stockport’s first Aisan mayor in 2005, has also been suspended from her position as a Stockport magistrate.

Her automatic suspension from the Lib Dems means she won’t be allowed to vote on party decisions or serve as Stockport’s executive member for finance until her court case has been dealt with.

Coun Alexander, of Hawk Green, was behind the wheel of her Mercedes when she was involved in a crash in Nether Alderley on May 10 this year.

But Mallory Perry, 66, from Stockport – a back-seat passenger in Mrs Alexander’s car – suffered fatal injuries in the crash and Coun Alexander has been asked to appear at Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court on October 21.

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MPs’ expenses: how they milked the system


MPs are required by Parliamentary rules to be “above reproach” when claiming expenses. But many found a way round the system, leading to widespread abuse.

Below we look at what they can legitimately claim and how some managed to maximise their income at the taxpayer’s expense.

What they can legitimately claim:

Under the additional costs allowance (ACA), MPs can claim expenses for the cost of running a second home for the purpose of fulfilling their parliamentary duties. In 2007/8, the last year for which complete figures are available, this stood at a maximum of £23,083.

The money can be spent on rent or mortgage interest payments. MPs who do not have a second home can claim for hotel rooms, for which they must submit a receipt.

Within the maximum ACA, MPs are allowed to claim up to £400 per month for food without the need for receipts and, until last year, up to £250 per claim in other categories without receipts.

This has since been lowered to £25. MPs can claim for utility bills, council tax, telephone bills, decorating, employing a cleaner, and even the purchase of furniture and electrical and household goods for their second homes.

The amount which MPs can claim for individual items is governed by the so-called ‘John Lewis List’. Personal items, such as toiletries and electric razors, cannot be claimed for.

The rules state that all ACA claims must be “above reproach” and there must be “no suggestion of misuse of public money”.

How they exploited the system:

A number of MPs used the allowance to pay for furniture and refurbishments for one property, before ‘flipping’ their second home designation to another property and claiming for improvements on that one.

Having used their taxpayer-funded expenses for renovations and repairs, some MPs then sold their homes at a profit. Some with constituencies in outer London bought second homes just a few miles from their main residence.

Others avoided paying Capital Gains Tax on the profit of the sale of their second home by telling the taxman it was their main residence.

A few MPs continued to claim expenses for mortgage interest on their second home even when the mortgage had been paid off.

Many MPs regularly claimed the maximum allowed for food. Others put in claims for utility bills, cleaning and repairs whilst avoiding the need to submit receipts by ensuring that the sums claimed were just below the £250 limit.

Others went on spending sprees towards the end of the financial year on order to reach their maximum ACA. Some bought furniture for their second homes but had it delivered to their main residence.

Among the frivolous and arguably unnecessary items claimed by MPs were radiator covers, pet food, manure and a duck house.

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MPs’ expenses: MPs who milked the expenses system now complain about attempts to reform it


MPs whose controversial claims for accommodation costs, food and furniture were exposed during the expenses scandal are claiming the status of victims instead of offenders.

Members of Parliament whose controversial claims for accommodation costs, food and furniture were exposed during the expenses scandal are using an official inquiry to claim they were victims rather than offenders.

Several politicians revealed by The Telegraph to be taking advantage of their parliamentary remuneration have attempted to justify their behaviour to the Committee on Standards in Public Life.

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Welcome to the sick joke that is Parliamentary “democracy”. How much longer can the People have trust in crooked, corrupt and EVIDENTLY CRIMINAL system?

(2009) Liberal Democrat Cllr. Paul Buchanan -MISCONDUCT

paul buchanan lib dem

A hearing has found the former deputy council leader of Somerset County Council guilty of two counts of breaching codes of conduct.

The two-year investigation looked into dozens of complaints about the behaviour of Liberal Democrat councillor Paul Buchanan.

Mr Buchanan has been disqualified from being a councillor for two years.

The tribunal heard he made written allegations of serious misconduct against chief executive Alan Jones.

‘Act of revenge’

On Wednesday the panel ruled Mr Buchanan had “brought the office of [the] member into disrepute” and “used his position as a member to confer a disadvantage on Mr Jones”. He was disqualified from local government for two years.

Panel chairman David Laverick said the respondent “was motivated by a desire to cause harm to the chief executive”.

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(March 2009) Twenty More Outer-London M.P.s Profit from the McNulty Wheeze

a nice little earner

At least 20 other MPs have been caught in the ‘McNulty Triangle’ by claiming allowances for running second homes within easy commuting distance of the House of Commons.

The ‘name and shame’ list of MPs with outer-London seats who have claimed thousands of pounds in allowances has provoked outrage among their colleagues, particularly those with inner-city London seats who are barred under the rules from making similar claims.

The list of 20 shows that Tony McNulty is nowhere near the worst expenses claimer, coming a mere 16th in the list. McNulty, the MP for Harrow East, has claimed £52,598 in additional cost allowances on his parents’ house in Harrow, even though he lives with his wife Christine Gilbert in Hammersmith.

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(2009) Liberal Democrat M.P. Menzies Campbell

Sir Menzies Campbell, the former Liberal Democrat leader, spent £10,000 of taxpayers’ money hiring an interior designer to renovate his small London flat.
The makeover included a flatscreen TV, a king-size bed and scatter cushions for his second home in Dolphin Square near Westminster.
Sir Menzies, once known as ‘moral Ming’ for his old-school rectitude, justified the large raid on the public purse on the basis that he had not used up his second homes allowance in previous years.

(2009) Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg -PARASITE

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has revealed he claimed more than £7,000 on expenses to renovate his constituency home.
He used the cash to pay for carpets, curtains, light fittings, garden maintenance and plastering work.
He also received over £12,000 for his mortgage on the property in Sheffield, nearly £1,700 for his council tax and £600 for his telephone bill.
MPs can claim up to £23,000 a year on expenses for costs associated with running a second home.

(2009) Lib-Lab-Con-men Investigated by Scotland Yard

A small number of MPs and peers will face criminal investigations into allegations they misused their expenses.

Scotland Yard said a joint assessment panel of senior detectives and prosecutors had decided full inquiries were necessary.

The police inquiries were expected to focus on politicians accused of deliberately misleading the authorities or claiming “phantom mortgages”.

The investigation will be conducted by officers from the Met’s Economic and Specialist Crime Command, overseen by Temporary Assistant Commissioner Janet Williams. It is understood the joint panel of experts will continue to consider a small number of other individuals.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “After consideration by the joint Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service assessment panel the Met has decided to launch an investigation into the alleged misuse of expenses by a small number of MPs and peers.”

(2009) Liberal Democrat M.P. Charles Kennedy -PARASITE

The former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Charles Kennedy, charged taxpayers for three boxes of mints and two teddy bears bought from the gift shop at the House of Commons.
Mr Kennedy submitted the £35.75 bill for the items, which paperwork suggested were to be used as “prizes”, under the Incidental Expenses Provision (IEP) which is meant to cover MPs’ office costs.
The Commons Fees Office paid up for the three boxes of “dark chocolate mints” at £5.95 each and the two “toffee bears” at £8.95.
Mr Kennedy said on Saturday night that the claim had been an “error” – and that the money had been repaid earlier this month.
He said he received regular requests for such charitable donations. “These I meet from my own pocket and am happy to do so,” he added.
Mr Kennedy, the MP for the seat of Ross, Skye and Lochaber, also attempted to use his taxpayer-funded office costs allowance for Remembrance Sunday poppy wreaths.
He successfully claimed £18 for a poppy wreath in November 2006 – but an attempt to claim £49 for wreaths a year later was disallowed.